Another one down

Man it’s cold out today, windy too.

“The icy wind gripped me. It soon told me that the warm days of summer were over. The leaves rustled across the street, telling the world that life would soon sleep in the coming winter months.”

I finished another book today, Wednesdays are just my days for reading I guess. It probably has something to do with the fact that I have like 2.5 hours to do nothing by myself and I loathe going to the mall or anything like that. I finished Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, another great suggestion from Danielle, I loved it. It’s political, not too political and really is just a great read. If you don’t catch the politics in it, don’t worry, you’ll still like it.

Amish Macchiato?

Poker again tonight at Starbucks. When John and I arrived I noticed that a couple of Amish women were in line in front of us. Their drinks were just coming up. 2 Tall No whip Skinny Carmel Macchiatos. Wow, I guess I never thought I’d see someone like that ordering a drink like that. Maybe I’m closed minded. It just struck me as odd, nothing wrong with it of course, just not what I expected I guess.
I won one game, lost the second. Good times though, me, Orion, John, Ben, and Jean. She’d never played before so it was interesting.
I should go to bed, but first I’m going to get started on my new (borrowed from Danielle again) Kurt Vonnegut book, Cat’s Cradle.

So it goes

Wow. I totally turned my evening around. First off, right after I posted about being sick, I went upstairs in the library, put in my headphones, listened to a little Rob Costlow and started reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Quite possibly the greatest I’ve read in a long time. After about half an hour I called Erin and then went to the Breakfast House. I sat down, got a cup of coffee and continued reading. I read the **whole thing**, all 275 pages of it. Read this book!
I drank an amazing amount of coffee, I honestly lost track of how many cups I had in an hour and a half. I also enjoyed some people watching while I was there, nothing exciting, just people going about their lives. It’s fun to see how people act when they think no one is watching.
I honestly don’t think I could have been more relaxed than I was tonight. I was away from everything and it felt great. I had my music, a great book, and just peace and quiet. I loved every minute of it.
Of course after the Breakfast House I headed to Starbucks to enjoy a nice game of Poker with Jake, John, Kyle, and Orion. I lost, quickly, but it was still fun. I’m home now and headed to bed… I still feel like crap.
BTW, thanks for letting me borrow the book Danielle, a true classic, I loved every page.