OK I must get this out right now: I HATE STUPID PEOPLE! I’m sitting in the cafe, eating some turkey, talking to Kyle. This is where the normalcy ends. I understand that everyone is out to get a good deal on anything; I am probably guilty of it too. However, I just heard someone complaining about a coupon that was in the IUK paper and how it didn’t say that there was no time listed on it for the Pizza Hut buffet, so they were mad when they came in to PH too late and couldn’t get the deal. She filled out a comment card and complained that it was false advertising! Not true in so many ways. They are giving you a meal that is usually $6 for $1, if you don’t’ follow their rules, you don’t get the deal. I understand that someone out there might be thinking that the rules weren’t clear. Let me say this, PH has had this buffet for a long time, most everyone knows that it’s from 11am to 1pm, if you’re late, too bad, order a pizza, no buffet for you. I dunno really I just think people are trying to skirt the lines too much and complain about stuff that doesn’t need complaining about. Now I’ll go back to my regular complaining about nothing.

Snow video


New video from this afternoon’s snowstorm. It’s still snowing, hard. There’s at least 4-5 inches already. Not cool.
The good/bad news is that classes were cancelled tonight, that means I got to go home early, that also meant that I have no idea what is on my finals next Thursday… Hopefully I get an email from my profs soon…
I’m goin to go shovel snow…

A Heart for the Prof?

It’s the end of semester at IUK, of course that means group projects, terms papers, and finals are all coming up. one other thing that invariably comes up is instructor evaluations, we fill otu a small fvorm that grades our professors more or less, you are given an opportunity to make comments about each of the facets of the class and rate the professor on things such as knowledge of the subject and the value fo the textbook in the class.
I was rating a professor last night and I was actually overcome by emotion while doing it. You see, this professor is probably my least favorite this semster, I can barely understand him and I just don’t think that he teaches well, he does obivously know what he’s talking about, I just don’t think that he conveys that to the students well. I always try to be honest and real when I fill out evals, I want to give the prof constructive criticism and not be too nice or too mean just because of how I am doing in a class. Well as I was filling out this prof’s eval I really wanted to be harsh on him but I just couldn’t do it, he was a good professor, he just lacked in a few areas that affected me only probably. I gave him an average score, nothing great and nothing even close to what I can my Intro to Business prof a few years back.
Hopefully now all future IUK business students will have the opportunity to have this prof and enjoy his quirks with the rest of us.

A new week has begun

Here’s a brain dump of the weekend:

Wednesday – As I said we went to see Rent with Ben and Franki. Good movie, good times. Definitely worth the price of a ticket to see this one in theatres.
Thursday Turkey Day – The whole family showed up, and then some. An uninvited guest made things interesting and I must add that your embrace was a little too friendly to just be “friends.” The usual stress of family gatherings was of course apparent. Nothing big really, just stress as usual. After that though I headed to Jake’s to listen to some music and just enjoy some relaxation. After the music started winding down, we had the bright idea of going to Okie Penokie out on the east side of the county. Supposedly there have been bodies found and who knows what else. Supposedly scary too. We all drove out there in two cars. This place is located about a mile off the main road, in the woods, the path (not a road) is winding and kinda bumpy. Once we got there we saw some headlights arriving jsut in front of us. Of course we had no idea who could be there but Orion got out to investigate, it was Corey, Jake’s brother, tryign to get there ahead of us to scare us. It didn’t work, the place wasn’t that scary really, but it had possibilities. Someday when it’s warm again, it will be a cool place to go.
Black Friday – Thankfully I don’t work retail now so I didn’t have to get up to work. And since this year I really didn’t see anything worth braving the crowds for, I slept in. When I finally got up though, I headed to Erin’s and we did go do some shopping. What shopping we did! I got totally done with my X-mas shopping except for Erin, who was there with me so I couldn’t shop for her anyways. I did spend a ton of money, way too much. Bought myself a RAZR phone and headset for it and then bought my family and hers some nice gifts. We had a great dinner at Carraba’s, our waitress was actually at the riots at Walmart in Westfield where two men got into a fist fight over a laptop. Craziness. I also must recommend that if you go to Carraba’s you try the Chicken Bryan with the cavatappi amatriciana (pasta with a tomato cheese sauce). As our waitress said in her mom-from-the-south-i’ll-take-all-your-cares-away voice, “It’s just Wonderful.”
Also I found my favorite pen all over again. The Tornado from Retro51. This is the best pen you will ever write with! I promise.
Saturday – I stayed home on Saturday to work on a paper, the only paper I have to write all semster actually. I’ve been putting it off too long and now it’s due soon, so I stayed home to write it. I wrote like 12 pages in about 3 hours, that’s pretty amazing if you ask me. After that I had to get out of the house for a bit, I went to Kokomo, bought some boardgames at Target for Toys-For-Tots, checked out the mall a bit and then was heading home. john called me back from earlier in the day and I hung out with him at the coffee shop downtown. Blind Boy was playing, no one knows who he is, but he used to play at the Blues Jams we used to go to downtown. They were basically just a bunch of musicians getting together to play, you told them your instrument and they just sent a “band” up to jam for a bit. People mostly played old standards like “Sweet Home Chicago” and the like, but Blind Boy had a knack for the blues. He coudl jam with anyone and make them sound great. I miss those days. After the coffee shop we headed to John’s house and played some X-Box for a bit and then I headed home. A long day really.
Sunday – I got up early and headed to Erin’s house to go over to her grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was good, I was stuffed again. After all that though, I headed home and then over to Jake’s. Sunday was the day of the big poker game. $10 buyin. Jake won, I didn’t come close, I’m done talking about it. We played football in his yard after that though, that was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while actually. It was just fun, win or lose, we did win though, it was just the guys playing around and enjoying a warm evening in November.
Monday Today – I got up early to wait on the cable guy to come and fix my Internet connection, again. He found that one of our neigherbors had been tryign to steal our cable and in the process he screwed our stuff up. We don’t know which neighbor yet, but I have a good idea of who it was. Stupid people.
Do you hate squeaky shoes on tile after the rain? I do. It rained most of the day today, so at IUK everyone in tennis shoes was squeaking all over the place, it drove me nuts. I was doing it to which drove me even more nuts. There should be a law.
Tonight is MNF though, the Colts and the Steelers. Should be a great game, the Colts are 10-0 and the Steelers are a tough team. Who cares about the Pats this is the game of the year. I’m kinda worried about this actually, I doubt that 16-0 is possible, so I know that they need to lose soon, cause I don’t want that first loss coming during the playoffs. Let’s be happy with 15-1 and a ring, ya know?
School is almost over too, man this semster has really flown honestly. Profs are always talking about reviewing for the final now. One prof is being “nice” to use and giving us our final a week early so we have one less to worry about. That doesn’t help me, because now instead of having 1 week to stress about passing a test, I have 2 weeks to stress. Doesn’t anyone else see that?
This is probably the longest post ever, so I’m heading to Damon’s to watch the game. Leave a comment with ya, I know you’re out there, this is the biggest month ever for visitors by far. More on that later though.

Don’t be late to my class!

OK, so as you all know I’m in college. College brings about certain freedoms that aren’t available in other grades or schools. You can skip class, you can eat/drink in class, sometimes you can swear in class. You can skip homework if you want to, everything is up to you basically.
One thing that ticks me off, being late to class. I’m not talking late to an auditorium like some classes where your tardiness is unnoticed by everyone but the guy you sit next too, I’m talking late to a class of 12 people in a small classroom. The kind of late that when you come in, the prof notices you, the students notice you, the porf has to move things out of yoru way so you can get to yoru seat and all learning has to stop while you find a chair in the middle of a row that’s already full. I’m not talking about headband guy here, I’m talking about regular normal students. (That’s redundant isn’t it?)
The people that I notice are usually late are the people who have jobs before class. These people have usually a somewhat professional job that allows them time off during the day so that they can continue their education. I’m sure they just take a long lunch to fit everything in.
I’m sick of it.
You schedule your classes (at least for fall semsters) usually about 3 months in advance (especially for junior/senior only classes), you know that your class is going to meet on such and such a day at such and such a time, plan accordingly! These people who can’t seem to get it through that class starts at 1PM each day are really getting on my nerves. It’s not hard to know when to leave work to make it on time.
I’ve done some math, while I was bored in another class and every 5 minutes of class costs each student $1.05. So if you’re 10 minutes late one day it’s $2.10. Over the course of a semster that’s $67! You’re wasting nearly $70 by being late.
Of course this works the other way too, if you get out a few minutes early each day, your prof is wasting your money. As expensive as college is these days you’d think people would want to get their money’s worth.
I’m just as guilty as everyone with regard to getting out early, I do not mean to be pious. Just stop interupting my education because you can’t leave your job on time!

Why Huey? Why?

Test #2 went well too… I was done in 15 minutes though, I actually think that was too long considering it was 20 questions, most were poorly worded though. I thought I was home free and on my way after the test. That is until the prof said that we were watching a movie and needed to stay, the movie was about Huey Long. Good grief! This movie was clearly made in the 1970’s, clothes and styles were apparent. I’m not sure of the purpose of this movie, I don’t see how it really related to anything we’re talking about, the prof was just showing it because he liked it perhaps. Maybe he thought it should have gotten an Oscar/Emmy nod or something… I give it 3-thumbs down, you figure out the 3.
I’m off to finish watching MNF, the pre-game fight was kinda cool.
Podcast coming soon, I promise.