I hate HP

So I woke this morning with the full intention of doing mostly nothing but setting up a router for my cousin and watching the IU game. Of course it’s never that way.

My uncle bought an HP computer about a year ago, I told him to buy a Dell, but of course he doesn’t listen at all. You see there are things about computers that I know, among them are how to setup routers and not to buy HP. So it turns out that HP doesn’t include restore CDs of any kind with their computers so even if you do have a problem but you must be able to at least boot the computer in order to restore it. Not so easy with a totally busted hard drive. Of course that’s what I had to deal with today, the computer is out of warranty, the discs are $40 and my uncle is livid. All the while I’m just thinking about how to say “I told you so” over and over again. With most Dells I could have went to Best Buy, bought a new drive and then installed Windows and be on my way. Stupid HP doesn’t let you do that. I finally got all that figured out after missing half the game. I’m seriously so sick of fixing that computer I could scream. Why doesn’t he listen to what I say? Not only has his computer died but it died without him making any backups of any of his data, I told him a hundred times to at least back up some of the more important things on his computer. I’m just sick of it all right now i don’t want to write any more right now… maybe i’ll post something else later tonight.
BTW, IU beat Purdue 62-49. From what I saw it was a close game off and on.

Old Oaken Bucket Pics

Ben jumping over the fire The great classic rivalry in Indiana was contested yet again on Saturday, of course I’m talking about the IU/Purdue game otherwise known as the Old Oaken Bucket game. We all headed down to Bloomington bright and early, of course traffic didn’t let us get there as early as we would have liked, Erin, John, and I missed the first half of the first quarter. No biggie though. It was a nice day, we all had fun and of course IU got their butts kicked 41-14. There’s always next year right? After half time half the people left so we headed down and got better seats, some fans eh? Here’s some pics, links go to the larger versions.

The pics on the left are as follows:

  • Hey, Hey the gang’s all here!
  • IU with good field position
  • We sat really high up the first half.
  • Really high up
  • Erin and I in our IU best
  • John and Ben looking as cute as ever!
  • Franki and Erin, our girls are tough in the cold
Ben jumping over the fire
Ben jumping over the fire
Ben jumping over the fire
Ben jumping over the fire
Ben jumping over the fire
Ben jumping over the fire

Frozen Pens don’t work well

It was cold out again today, like 25ish probably. The wind died down a bit I think, thank God! I got ot my evening classes tonight after my haircut to find that the pen that I had left in my bag as I rushed from the room during the tornado warning (the other day when it was still warm out) had frozen in my bag. It wouldn’t work and it was all I had. So while the professor is going on and on about supply chains, I’m sitting at my seat breathing on my pen and holding it tight in my hands so I can get the freakin ink to flow! Grr… it’s always something.
As much as I complain about the cold and junk I really do enjoy it actually. It was really cold after classes tonight, that kind of cold where when you breathe in, your nose hair freezes a bit. I love that feeling and I have no idea why. I’m not talking about the cold where you can’t breathe of course, just the kind of cold that happens righ at the first of winter, when suddenly everything is crisp and the world has a very…. well in my head the word is “sharp”… feeling about it. Maybe that doesn’t make sense to anyone else but me.
The other thing that I have to report tonight was the fact that at my first class there were only 5 people there. 5 out of 18! I realize that some people can’t come to class all the time but I just can’t imagine everyone not showing up on the same day. Of course class was pretty boring and pointless, but still with this guy you never know, he’s all over the place sometimes.
Lastly, I’m getting really excited about two IU things. First off, tomorrow night is the start of basketball season. I’m jealous of John and Audrey going to the game vs. Nicholls State. But my time will come, if I can ever get money anyways! It should be an interesting season to say the least. The other thing is the fact that I’m going to the IU/Purdue Bucket game on Saturday with Erin, John, Ben and Franki. It’s supposed to be cold as crap, but nonetheless we will still have fun. I’m looking forward to actually going to my first IU football game and then basically just hanging around B-town for a bit afterward maybe. It’s a nice town and for some reason, I just really like being down there.
Anyways this is a long one, I should hit the sack I haven’t slept well the last few nights.

Looks like I’m going to have to buy a ticket

I applied for press credentials to the IU v. Purdue Bucket game under the auspices of the Fuzznik Podcast. Alas I was turned down as show below:

Dear Michael Bollman,

Your credential request for Indiana football media credentials has been denied for the following:

Michael Bollman

Unfortunately, your request did not meet our guidelines, and it is not possible to accommodate all requests.

Should you have any questions please contact our office at 812-855-9399. Thanks for your interest in IU Athletics.

So until I can figure out how to turn the podcast into somethign more legitamate I’m going to have to either pony up the dough for tickets or just enjoy it on TV like everyone else.

I’ve neglected this thing too much in the past few days. It’s been like 5 days since I’ve posted anything of relevance. I apologize to those of you who read this. Most of you know why I probably haven’t been posting and I hope you all understand. I am not going into the details of what happened but last weekend wasn’t great for me overall. I’m getting over it majorly now. I have decided that now is the time for greatness, this is a defining moment for me. I’m moving on and starting anew. I should have done this long ago I realize but I just saw the candle burning and didn’t want to put it out.
So other things that have happened this weekend. Friday was kind of cool actually, it seemed like it might turn in to a bust but then once everyone realized that there were 10 of us instead of the usual 5, it was all good. We hung out, watched movies, played X-Box, and just chilled. Not necessarily all together at any one time but still it was good for all of us I think. Plus it was cheap! Then on Saturday we hung out again and did much of nothing. Watched the IU game, just chilled, ate, and then played some b-ball… Biggest group yet. Then we watched Super Troopers, dumb movie, but funny dumb. Sunday I spent most of the day trying to study for my philo test that I had today and think I might have actually done OK on, though we’ll find out next week when I get it back. Went and played ball again, and actually played again last night too. Yesterday we had a meeting at work, basically I need to get it in gear and make some progress on things that I haven’t been working on as hard as I should have been. It’ll be fine though, just needed some more motivation I guess. Today hasn’t been too eventful either really. I went to class, took a test, sat through 2 more classes and now I’m here typing this thing. I have Law still tonight, it’s the last class before our test that I’m totally freaking out over. Should be interesting next week, I know I’ll be ready to cry.
I wish I could say more to you all about what has happened, but those of you who need to know do and those that don’t feel free to ask although don’t expect too many details but I still respect this other person and their feelings. I’m moving on though… and honestly, it feels pretty good.
Saturday looks like we’re going to Purdue. Should be fun, I don’t’ know Adam to well but he’s cool enough. Plus I’m sure we’re going to meet some people down there 🙂 Next weekend hopefully the thing at BSU will turn out too. That one will probably be better that Purdue but only time will tell. I should get going to class now, didn’t’ do the reading as it is, maybe I can cram it all in real fast… later

What would you say?

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, I just can’t seem to nail down what I think of them right now. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I think there’s something there, how do I go about finding out though. I just want this all to be over and done with. We’ll see how it comes out though I guess.
This weekend has been pretty good really, outwardly that is. Friday we went to the Audio A/Reliant K/NewSong concert. I got a CD by a guy named Todd Agnew, he rocks. Definitely going to be listening to him for a while. I wouldn’t say I was as moved by this concert as I was by other concerts but still I enjoyed myself. A new friend has come into the spotlight, although nothing more will come of it, I am still intrigued to get to know this new person better. Saturday I wasted the entire day, I didn’t do crap in other words. I finally went out with the gang last night around7ish to Pastariffic and then to see Miracle, it was good, not great but good. I’ll probably buy it when it comes out though. Very Apollo 13-ish. This week is going to be a long one; I have tons of stuff coming up at school and stuff at work too. I have 2 test and 2 papers due on Tuesday that I have to study for and finish today hopefully. Its just one of those weekends again where I don’t’ feel like studying but I know I have to or I’m going to be screwed next week. The next few weekends I’m going to be gone, so I need to stay caught up with stuff and get everything done during the week, between IU on the 14th and Purdue on the 21st I’m going to be busy as crap. It’s getting late for everything to be starting, I should go outside and get my books out of the car and get something done, maybe I’ll go out tonight or something… later