Another road trip

Kyle and I headed out on our quasi-monthly road trip last Saturday. We were heading to Plainfield to Metropolis, and then off to points unknown. How very unknown they would turn out.

We started out Saturday afternoon towards Indy and then to Plainfield. There’s a mall there called Metropolis. It’s huge, tons of stores and even more pedestrians that we had to dodge to drive around the place. It’s one of those open air malls that are becoming so popular around here, though I’m not quite sure why given that it’s winter here for 4 months of the year.

One of the first things we noticed about Plainfield was that everyone seemed to be in a bad mood. There were no smiling faces of consumerism, just blank stares as they made their way about the stores. Plainfield was officially sad. We drove around the mall, decided there was nothing that we really wanted to see and headed off to Starbucks for a tea/bathroom stop. After that we headed to Long John Silvers for a quick bite to eat before we headed out again to the great unknown.

raccoon.jpgWe had seen a place called Raccoon, Indiana on the map and thought maybe we should go check it out. We did, there was nothing there. As you can see from the sign, it’s a small place, in fact some maps don’t even show it, Google Maps had no idea what we were talking about. We drove down a road for a bit, “town” was a few houses on one road followed by an amazingly bumpy gravel road that we soon turned back on.

Since we were sort of close we headed up towards Crawfordsville and a town called Lapland, it was on the map but turns out it didn’t exist at all, not even a sign to take a picture of. Crawfordsville as we found out is home to Wabash College. WC is not in Wabash, it was named for the river, not the town. Who knew?wabashcollege.jpg

Crawfordsville brought a McDonald’s Sweet Tea run and the journey back towards Indy on I-74. Once back in Indy we headed to Trader Joe’s, my new favorite hippie grocery store. I’ll be stopping in there soon enough to pick up some things that I just didn’t want to get since they had to be kept cold and we didn’t know where the rest of the day would take us.

Turns out that the rest of the day was spent at Castleton Mall, followed by a trip to an out of business restaurant and another restaurant that had too long of a wait. We journeyed home and ended our epic road trip to no where. We saw parts of Indiana that few have dared to venture too and I’m sure we’ll never venture too again.

Next time? Richmond, the highest point in Indiana and who knows where after that. Good trip man, I look forward to the next one!

Did someone slip me a rufie or something?

Man, I’m just now getting started with today adn I can tell you right now that I think all of last night is really a blur to me. Like I was on something or something.
I know we played poker, I’m pretty sure that I lost and I’m positive that we played way too late. But we were learning a new way to play so that made it take a while we didn’t want to go out early so we kept folding (John).
I spent the rest of yesterday procrastinating about studying for my Ops Mgmt class. Yeah and then when I did start studying, freaking people kept interupting me. Grr…
It rained all day yesterday, from early early in the morning until sometime very very early this morning. It sucked. We need a fire.
Friday Erin and I hung out in Castleton, I saw and old friend of a friend. Kinda cool I guess.
Saturday I got up late, stayed at home by myself and then finally went out with Erin, Ben and Franki for Chili’s and a movie. MindHunters is dumb. Don’t rent it.
Yeah that’s my weekend… I’d better get to school and stop rambling aimlessly.

Sudoku and Peyton

So we headed downtown last night after a trip to the Music Mill for dinner. The food was ok, not the greatest though. We headed down to the circle, in search of something. Right after we got around the circle and we headed south again, we saw him, rather we almost hit him with my car, Peyton Manning. Yes, that Peyton Manning. He almost walked out in front of me, then he stopped, we moved on and we noticed him after he was already across the street. John immediately noticed who it was and began screaming. I started to look for a spot to park, which was not that easy considering it was Indy on a Friday night. When we parked finally, we searched the nearby blocks on foot looking for him, no dice. We headed to Hooters for a bathroom, learned that they apparently don’t wear anything at Hooters in Canada and headed back out into the Indy night-life. Peyton was still on our minds and totally was a buzzkill to us. We had no idea what we were going to do or when. After walking around forever we headed to Rock Bottom for a brew. Mine was like motor oil, not good. After sitting and talking for a while we headed back out, walked the circle and then headed home. Peyton Manning ruined my night.
Tonight I headed out to Carmel with Erin. Saw the new iPod Nano, the pictures look better than the actual unit, it’s too “sharp” for me. I just don’t like it that much now. I bought some clothes for the party next weekend and we ate at Carraba’s… Same old, same old.
I did buy a book while we were out though, it’s full of Sudoku puzzles. These things are addictive, each takes about 20-30 minutes to solve, but they are pretty cool.
I’m headed to bed and then I will spend all day tomorrow studying and watching football… ahhh, fall, what a season eh?

FP #24 Take me out to the ball game…

After a night at the ball game I was inspired to update you. Sorry for the “umms”

  • Players playing for the fun of the game
  • Coke vs. Pepsi
  • Expensive Cracker Jacks
  • A quick cut
  • School is starting in a month!
  • Financial Aid came through!
  • Scosche FM Mod for my car
  • PodSafe Music – Slim – Picture of You podsafe music network
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    Happy Birthday Blog

    It’s been a year now since I started writing here. Looking back it’s been pretty amazing at all the changes that have occurred in my life. I’ve gone through 3 jobs, a few girls, changed friends a few times and gone back to school. Among other things. I feel like I’ve let this thing slide off again. I’ve just been so busy, but not busy at all, all at the same time. between school, work and everything else I just don’t have much time to myself, and the time I do have, I sleep. I don’t mind it really, I need to stay busy or I freak basically.
    Went to a friend’s wedding last weekend, good times really. Met some people that I hadn’t seen in a long time and I’m actually going to hang out with one of them this weekend, if you’re in Indy on Saturday call me, I’ll tell ya where the party is. It’s weird how things change over time, people that you barely knew then, now you feel like you’ve known them forever.
    I heard from Matt eh other day, he’s doing well. Said it’s hot as crap over there and all that, but for the most part he’s doing OK.
    It’s late and I haven’t been getting that much sleep lately for some reason so I guess I should go t bed, but I thought I should post something since I haven’t in a long time and since this thing is 1 year old now. Still looking for a new domain though…
    This was supposed to be our week…
    I saw you from four years ago just the other day. I see you everywhere, and yet you’re still gone.

    Skipping cause I can…

    I’m sitting in the library right now skipping class cause I can. Basically it’s too nice out to sit in a hot room upstairs and learn about sociology. Last night was amazing, have you ever meet someone that you just instantly connected with? The same jokes, the same likes and dislikes, even knowing almost all the same people, just not eachother. It was just one of those once in a life time things really. I don’t know where it will lead or how it will end but I know that the journey will probably be a lot of fun. I have some huge changes coming up this week, hopefully I can weather them all. I’m just gonna chill til Law now, what fun what fun. This weekend is still very much up in the air… I’m still poor from SB and the car, so I think the Indy trip is out but we’ll see, you can donate via the link on the left if you’re interested in financing me 🙂 Anyways I should go do something productive….