It’s raining again

Ben jumping over the fire We still had fun though. I headed to Ben’s tonight to help him do his homework (read: I did it all). Kyle, John and Orion came by later and we had our usual fire. We blew up some mousse cans, ate some food, melted some gummy bears and basically just had a good time. As the night was winding down it started to rain, perhaps someone above was telling us that it was time to go home.
It’s been a pretty good day, the Colts won, the fire was good, I talked to a good friend in depth for the first time really. At this moment life is great.

The pics on the left are as follows:

  • Ben jumping over the fire
  • John jumping over the now higher/larger fire and protecting himself
  • John threw his shirt on the fire, goodbye green hoodie that’s exactly like Jake’s
John jumping over the now higher fire
John threw his shirt on the fire, goodbye green hoodie that's exactly like Jake's

A busy day already

So I got up around 11:30 this morning. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight, I’ve slept like 21 hours this weekend. That’s probably too much. Anyway though, I’ve been busy already.
First off, I bought a Melitta One:One coffee maker last night, so I had to get that setup. It’s pretty cool actually and seems to make decent coffee quickly. It looks like I’m going to be able to use Senseo pods with it also so getting new pods shouldn’t be a problem.
I also remembered that I needed to wash my car. I went to Mike’s the other day and when they dried it, it wasn’t dry. I got all the water marks off now I think. It looks better anyways.
Bought the Family Guy movie Friday night too. I’ve seen it of course, but had to buy it to keep my conscious at bay.
I wonder if I won the Powerball last night?
Go Colts!