Another week gone by

So another week has gone by and I haven’t blogged anything more than the auto-tweet posts.

As you might remember we signed up for Hoosier Organics a few weeks ago and I must say it’s gone pretty well. We had our second delivery last week: Romaine, Bananas, Oranges, Brussels Sprouts, Strawberries, Potatoes, Grape Tomatoes, and a whole Pineapple. All very good quality and most importantly, shoved into our home and putting them right there on the counter for us to eat. I hate wasting fresh food. We are going to eat it. We actually up’d our deliveries to weekly, since we liked it so much. I’ve found myself making new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen again, it’s wonderful. A few quick things I’ve made up lately.

Pickles in the Fridge

Take a few cucumbers and cut them into quarters, place into a jar or other container that will allow them to be covered in liquid. The liquid: 1 quart of water with 1.5 oz. of salt dissolved in it. Add a teaspoon-ish of garlic, a teaspoon-ish of dill seed and dill weed, about 10-15 black peppercorns and a dash of red pepper flakes to the jar. Pour the brine liquid over the cukes and seal/cover. Let it sit for about 4-5 days and you’ll have amazing refrigerator pickles that are crunchy and fresh with perfect flavor.

Tomato Cheese Salad

Cut some grape or cherry tomatoes in half. Add cheese, mozzarella or colby jack works well, cut it up into chunks about the same size as the tomato pieces. Toss with creamy italian dressing. Chill and enjoy.

Better Tasting Brussels Sprouts (Not great, just better)

Clean Brussels Sprouts, cut in half. Toss with a bit of vegetable oil and Mrs. Dash to coat. Spread on a cookie sheet and bake in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes until sprouts are just barely tender. NOT SOFT! Eat with a little butter on the side.

I’m going to try to post some more recipes as I figure them out and adapt them.

In other news, I won free popcorn by following the right person on Twitter this week. Saturday we went to Shipshewana and shopped all day with my grandparents. Today was the best though, I got up, we cleaned the house top to bottom for the first time in a few weeks and the I laid on the couch to watch the 400. I fell asleep half way through and got a good 30 minute nap. Hung out with Kyle for a bit and I’m heading to bed soon.

Ya know, if the weather would cool down a bit this would be the perfect time of year for me. Fresh fruit and veggies all around makes for great cooking opportunities, there’s baseball and tons of sunshine. Its just 10 degrees too hot out.

Like a one-armed paper hanger

Bananas, Oranges, and Yukon Golds

Man I’ve been busy the last few days.

Yesterday and today were incredibly hot at work, the heat index was over 90 by 10am today. That’s insane! I think it was up near 100 later in the day too. Thankfully some rain came by and it got a bit cooler.

Green Beans, Cukes, Berries, and Romaine, the dog bones were ours.

Erin has been a little sick so up until today its been a little hectic at home too. Probably the biggest news around our house is Hoosier Organics, we signed up this week and got our first box yesterday. The gist is that you sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fruits and/or vegetables that are organic and as local as possible, so you’ll get seasonal stuff as well. This week we got oranges, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, yukon gold potatoes, romaine, green beans, and cucumbers. All delivered right to our door, bi-weekly in our case. I had an orange today at work, perfectly sweet and tart at the same time. We had the green beans and yukon golds tonight, man they were good. I sampled the berries last night and they were pretty good too. I think so far they are doing a great job for us.

I’ve wondered lately about my former writings here in parable. Is it just passe? Is writing this, writing in that rhetorical voice just overdone and tired? I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the transition from a free writing space to a daily journal here, perhaps it can be more of both, individual posts could be a combination of both or just one type of writing.

I’m heading to Ohio tomorrow for work, should be a nice drive, not sure what I’ll get into when I get back. I don’t even know if I have plans this weekend yet, I’ll find something to do I’m sure.

I’m in

I’m finally done moving. I’m in my new apartment right now. There are still some boxes to unpack, mostly stuff that goes in my closets anyway so I’m not worried. It was an incredibly long weekend moving. The weather didn’t help much, it was like 90+ degrees with humidity that just made it unbearable. Erin and Kyle came to help both days, there help was MUCH appreciated. We probably would still be moving stuff in if it wasn’t for them. I am really lucky to have people like that there for me. Thanks guys.

I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out, I finally got my internet and cable hooked up today. I’m online and watching the tube, those are things that just about killed me to be without. You never realize how connected you are until you are not connected anymore. I have about 6 hours of podcasts stacked up, my Tivo is empty but filling now, and I am totally out of touch with the world, newspapers just don’t cut it anymore at all. It’s not current, it’s yesterday’s news. I need to know what’s going on now.

This week has been hot and is only going to get hotter, it’s been long and I found out tonight that it’s about to get a whole lot longer over the next few days. Who knows how I’m going to make it all work, but it all works out in the end. Last weekend was proof of that.

I freaked out a bit on Saturday, and by a bit I really mean a lot. I had been in the car and moving stuff upstairs for two days straight, I hadn’t been putting stuff away or figuring out the lay of the land so to speak and felt entirely out of control of my own house. A nice shower and some alone time and all was well again. Fatigue and stress are not something that go together well with me.

I look at this at the start of a new life so to speak. I don’t think a whole lot will change for now but I just took a big step towards “being an adult” and all the things that go along with it.

I’m off to watch some tube, I miss TV.

Why is the library so F-ing hot!

I just got to the library about 15 minutes ago and honestly I just got on the computer. You see I went to the lab to meet Ben so we could sit next to eachother, of course the computer I pick is one that isn’t working. I’m at a different computer now, it works obviously but the library is approximately the same temperature of the sun right now. Why is it so hot? I have no idea, it’s only about 50 outside right now, definitely no sun to warm the place. What the F!?

I think the heat is getting to me, making me more and more mad basically. The good news I guess is that tonight it’s going to get down into the 20s and then down into the … well its supposed to be 5, is that like the 1’s? Either way it’s going to be freaking cold soon. After the thunderstorms and the snow of course… Indiana, what a place….

It’s cold out…

Of course as usual we played poker last night. Had a good game really, we wound up quitting because it was getting late and a bit boring really. Less chips next time guys. I split the pot with Jake and Ben.
I worked out my schedule for Spring yesterday, turns out I have 4 classes (all of them) with Ben. That’s pretty cool I guess. at least I’ll always have someone to study with.
It’s cold. Like brrrr cold out. Yesterday it was 87 degrees and even at 11pm it was still warm enough. Today at noon you still wanted to wear a jacket or something. I hate Indiana weather. Hot, cold, whatever, just make up your mind and stick with it.
I was driving to school from work today. The radio was blaring, traffic was flowing, it was good. I noticed that the trees are starting to change color. Kind of sad really. The crops are almost harvested completely now. I’m reminded of those crisp fall nights back in the day when all we had to care about was being home on time. We didn’t care where we were going or what we were doing. A big trip involved leaving the area code or county, now it involves planning and leaving the state and stress. Those days when crusing around listening to our favorite songs and screaming the words at the top of our lungs. Those nights when sitting at the truck stop for a while was the greatest, even when nothing was said that really mattered. What really mattered then was being there. I guess I always get this way around fall. It’s the end of all the good times and the start of new ones. Falls of the past are some of the greatest times ever for me. A cold nose, a walk to nowhere, running late to band practice, just listening to the crackling leaves in the wind. There’s no time for that now, life has gotten in the way.
Fall is here. The summer has ended. Goodbye old friend.

The Last Hot Day…

It’s about 90 out today, the last hot day of summer. I’m not sure if this is “indian summer” ending or just regular summer ending. It was kinda cool for a week or so a while back… either way I predict that today is the last day of hot humid summer-ness for the year. I celebrate this fact by wearing my favoritest pair of shorts for probably the last time this year.
So all of you out there in temperate climes, be sure to enjoy today, cause tomorrow its supposed to rain and get cold…