A nice long weekend

Friday I headed out to Ohio for work, just the usual easy trip over there and back, nothing spectacular.

Once I got home though, I headed out and did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, bought a new charcoal grill. It’s just a little Weber Smokey Joe, perfect for Erin and I to make dinner on. We had pork chops on it that night too, they were amazing!

Saturday, Kyle and I headed out early to Wright-Patterson AFB to see the National Museum of the Air Force. We had a good time, just kinda wandered through the place and got to see some real pieces of history up close. I love looking at the medals and awards of soldiers, sailors, and airmen, the valor they exhibited that got them highest honors among their peers and among all Americans. On our way home we stopped for some Big Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve been here too.

The last stop we made on the way home was Hoosier Park. Horse racing and a casino, the perfect place to end the night. We placed a few bets on some races, if we would have had a clue as to how to bet on a race, we might have won a few bucks. It was cool though, I did learn quite a bit about how the betting works and maybe next time

Once we got home, I found the perfect way to end the night. A small fire and just some quiet time to reflect. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Mowed the yard while Erin cleaned the house up and then headed out for dinner and grocery shopping.

Today: I worked. Kinda. It was slow and long.

The tube is off!

After the game tonight I left my grandparents’ house and headed home as usual. I needed to stop off to get some bleach and laundry soap at Meijer, because it was on sale and I hate going to Walmart on any evening. Nothing unusual yet.

I put my headphones on and turned up the iPhone and headed into the store. A little podcast listening while I walked the store was amazing! I didn’t hear the annoying overhead loud speaker asking so-and-so to call such-and-such. Just my podcasts and a little music. I headed up to check out and took out the earbuds long enough to pay. No one said anything and I didn’t notice any weird looks really.  After I paid, I drove home to the sounds of the new Starbucks Free iTunes songs. Not bad really.

Once I got home and had everything put away, I cleaned the bathtub quickly with my newly purchased Comet. A little bleach in the toilet and a quick scrub finished off the chores for the evening.

Now it was “my time.” I could do what I normally do and turn on the TV and just sit here numb and watch whatever the Tivo caught over the last few hours or I could do what I’ve been really meaning to do and start reading again. Books. Not blogs, not weird websites, not Wikipedia. Books. With pages. I went through my bookshelf the other day and moved all the books I own but haven’t read to one side of one shelf. There are about 12 that need to be taken care of. Some fiction, mostly non-fiction. I also realized that I ordered 3 books last week that were going to have to be read. I find that I keep buying books and never read them. Gotta change that, I’m going to start reading again. Books. Tonight I read about 50 pages in a book I’ve been working on for months about the origins of Freemasonry. Its dry admittedly, but I started it, made it 100 pages in and now I am going to finish it. I’ll probably try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction, much like I do with Netflix, a documentary, an Office disc, then some random movie, and back around again.

Changing my choices like that keeps it fresh for me. Sometimes I can be analytical considering the consequences of the actual decisions of others, and other times I can let my imagination run wild, thinking of what the characters and scenes actually look like and hearing them saying their lines.

As usual I’m changing things in life for the sake of change mostly. But honestly I haven’t even wanted to turn the TV on tonight and it’s been kind of nice just sitting here in the quiet calm of the late fall evening, just me and my thoughts. Peace, of the mind and of the world, is greatly under appreciated.

The food here isn’t that great

I don’t know why but for some reason in the last 6 weeks or so, food just hasn’t tasted as good as it used to when I eat at home. Home has changed of course but nonetheless, nothing seems to taste right.

I don’t know why or what it is really but nothing tastes as good as it used to. The water here is different, the stove is electric instead of gas and the pans are different, but I feel like my cooking skills aren’t what they used to be anymore either. I’ve made a few dinners here in the last little while and they just don’t come out right. It sucks.

I used to enjoy food a great deal, but now it’s a chore. I have to find food, prepare it, cook it, and then clean up. Usually I love to do this, but I just don’t anymore. I just can’t figure out why really.

My kitchen is much smaller than I’m used to, I just feel cramped. My pans are different now, I’m just not used to them. My stove is electric, gas was what I used before and loved the control I had with it, electric is slow to heat and slower to cool.

I think I will get used to it, I just hate not being able to cook the food that I know and love to cook. Someday, hopefully soon I can enjoy a meal here again.

Only a guest now…

I went somewhere the other day. I walked in the usual door and said the usual hello’s and how’s it going’s. Nothing out the ordinary really. I went down the hallway as usual, except on the way down, I realized there was no where for me to go down there. I was a guest, I was just someone there to sit in the common room and share the company of those that are always there.

Of course I’m talking about my house, not where I live now but where I’ve lived for most of my life. Home. It was a weird feeling. I didn’t have a room to go to, a TV of my own to watch, all that home stuff that you take for granted. I was just a guest comign over for dinner and conversation. I wasn’t uncomfortable really, it just felt weird.

My old room isn’t even the same anymore, sure the furniture is gone, I knew that would be the case, but now the walls are being painted and the carpet is being torn out to make room for new colors and textures. I knew that things would change, I guess I just didn’t expect them to change that fast really.

None the less I’m happy with the way things are going, apartment life is treating me well and I’m finding my groove with things, laundry, cleaning, chilling, all that is finally working out.  It all just takes some adjusting.

What should I say?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something, maybe I should, but I almost feel like this is the end of everything. I keep posting here, I used to post almost everyday, people read it and all that, and a few people even saw it as entertaining. But it seems that for the past few months people were getting mad about what they read or didn’t read for that matter. Let me explain something to everyone out there. This is not here for me to talk about you; it’s for me to talk about me. I write what I want to write and when I want to write it. I write about who I want and the experiences that I want to write about. If you got left out don’t’ take it personally, I just didn’t’ want to share everything with the rest of the world. If I did write about you and you too offense to it, stop taking it personally, I could be talking about you behind your back or worse yet holding it all in and then going off on you or something.
With all that said, let me continue with my life:
The past week has been great, almost. There has been so much drama lately with people that it’s not even funny. I mean c’mon it’s done let it go. There was no intention of anything happening, it just did. Remember it takes two for something to happen. What was going on before obviously wasn’t’ taken the right way. You’re blaming the wrong people. You’re not even talking to the right people. Let’s move on.
This is the earliest I’ve been home in like 6 days; I’ve been getting in between 1 and 3 in the morning every night. I can’t say that I’m complaining at all though. It’s been absolutely great. Like I said before though I don’t know where it’s going to lead, I frankly don’t care though, it’s fun. I’m probably reading into things a bit too much as usual, but that’s ok, thing shave a way of working themselves out, it can’t all be bad.
I started my new job yesterday, so far so good. I was crazy busy with everything, and not everything is done yet either, but that’s ok, it’ll calm down and things will iron themselves out.
I’m making some big plans for this summer right now. I’m going to concerts… I’ve skipped out on them long enough; so far we’re up to Aerosmith (maybe), DMB, and John Mayer with Maroon 5.Anyways… I’m off to finish stuff up and get to bed at a decent hour.
You don’t talk to me, How can I expect to listen, I just want to here your voice, you’d rather enjoy your sorrow…

I got a job…

Well the job search didn’t’ take too long… I called my old boss this afternoon, asked about anything they might have open, he said they didn’t have anything really but that he would discuss it with the other owner and get back to me. An hour and half later he called me back; made me an offer and I start on Monday. It’s a totally new position that they basically just made up for me. I’m the tech/sales support/admin support guy. The pay is pretty good, and the hours are flexible… Should be a good deal… Right now I’m on the phone with Cingular… they charged me $8 in roaming and are telling me now that while sitting at home, I will be paying roaming charges… I haven’t’ for the last year and a half! Grr… More to come later….