A huge Midol?

Just a quick post while I’m at lunch today:

  • Facebook failed me again, it’s too bothersome for me lately. I don’t want to find out which Disney Princess I am, I don’t care about a knighthood or a poke. Writing on my wall is enough for me, the messages? Please I have to check my email to see I have a message then go to the message to read it. How about this: EMAIL ME! Also if you don’t already, get a website, you find me here, I’ll find you there. Inspired almost entirely by Dan Klass.
  • Is the whole world PMS’ing today? Seriously everyone has an attitude or is at least in a bad mood and I’m about sick of it all. I just about can’t stand to be near annoy today. They don’t listen and when they talk it’s all attitude. Get over it people, it’s Monday. I can’t remember the last Monday that I woke up early (45 minutes early), ate breakfast before taking a shower and even had a cup of coffee while reading through the news online. I was happy this morning dangit! Stop ruining it!

Just another day at the office I suppose…

Woo hoo

OK so I got this letter from IUK the other day thinking it was a bill, I just kinda opened it and wanted to know how much I would owe. Instead it’s a congratulatory letter telling me that I got a scholarship for the next two semesters, not a full scholarship, but it will definitely help things along that’s for sure. For those of you that know, this is a much needed blessing.
Things are pretty great really. Went to Michael W Smith and Mercy Me concert last night, a great time. First concert I’ve been to where people actually sat down. Weird, but cool nonetheless. I’m just happy right now again. Just need to keep the peace and smile now and then. I’m off… more later or something…

Another Wonderful Weekend…

I must say that the last few weeks have been some of the most amazing ever, it’s finally summer and we’re finally doing stuff. Lets see where to start, Friday we went out to dinner and then over to Kyle’s nothing too exciting, but fun nonetheless. On Saturday I watched my friend sell his soul to the Guitar Center in Castleton for an amp. A nice one, but holy crap, it was freakin’ expensive. Then Erin and I went out to see Harry Potter with her cousins, good times. Stupid window. Then we went to the hot tub and just relaxed and stuff, parents made us dinner, can’t be a good bloody steak. After watching my first John Wayne movie, I finally went home. Sunday we went back down to Castleton, to the Mongolian BBQ. After figuring out that downtown was a bust and that we were pretty much bored, I was finally excited to see the fireworks. You see to some people the fireworks are just that fireworks. But to me they actually mean something. I feel like it’s actually important to see them each year, I can’t’ explain why or what, but this year with Matt gone made it all the more important to me. He’s called a few times lately, all appears to be well, he’ll be home in like 60 days or something and I honestly can’t wait.
You know what else was great about this weekend? The fact that I had yesterday off too! Didn’t do anything. Well anything important anyways, just played some golf and washed the car. It was pretty cool. It’s nice to be able to turn off your phone and just kick back for the day. We went lifting last night…. holy hell. I didn’t’ lift that much, but we played ball before that and I don’t’ think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life. The crazy thing is that I think I actually lost 2 lbs in the process. I weighed myself on Saturday at 172 and now I’m 170. Of course I realize that 2 pounds could be from the fact that I didn’t eat before I got weighed or something, but still, it’s cool. Now it’s time to bulk up.
I dunno what is going on now, but I am just freakin’ happy all the time. Erin has really just came into my life and made everything wonderful. This weekend is going to be great too; we’re going to the Dunes to see her friends and stuff. I can’t wait.
Sometimes just waiting is the best thing you can do, out with the old, in with the new. Thanks for all you’ve done, perhaps in the future we can help each other again.

Big Decisions…

I was given a huge decision to make today. I wish I could say more but honestly I think I should stay vague for a while still…. I was given the opportunity to totally change the course of my life today… I think for the better. But in return for this change I have to basically give up everythign I did/am doing to get where I am now. It woudl possibly make me happier in a more materialistic way but I don’t know if it would make me happy in an everyday sort of way. I’m scared to screw up… This isn’t like screwing up like wearing black socks with a brown belt or whatever…. it’s like life screwed up. I feel like i’m giving up alot to get alot… where’s the balance? Maybe I can just win the powerball or something … $210 million would solve just about everything prolly… except that happiness thing…I’m going to bed…. we’ll see what happens tomorrow I guess….