On a cold and rainy night

The startI had the opportunity last night to witness history. The Tipton boys basketball team won a sectional for the first time since 2001. They not only won the title but they did so at game that I can only describe as absolutely amazing. Tipton versus Oak Hill on a cold rainy night that was miserable for everyone except the Blue Devil faithful.

The game started at 730, living in town but not living there long enough to understand the gravity of the game I arrived at 710. Not a great move. I think I parked farther away from the school than I live. After a long walk through the rain and cold wind I arrived, dropped my five bucks and proceeded to find a seat in the very small feeling gym. As you can see, the place was packed. Both teams were bringing all their fans with them.

The game started off great, the Tipton star, Elston was on fire at the on set. Both teams were truly playing their hearts out on that floor though and the game remained very close. It was like watching a tennis match, back and forth all through the first half. In fact the lead for either team never surpassed about 5. The refs were calling a lot of fouls, most of which were legit but it did create some interesting language to be used in the stands, it also made the coaches use their bench pretty early and really made it exciting to me.

I sat on the visitors side, balcony, across from the home cheer block (student section). Basically I sat with all the late comers and Oak Hill grandparents.

High school basketball didn’t seem this exciting when I was in school. My school didn’t really have a great team most of the time but even so, this was electrifying. The crowd was so loud during time outs and bad calls that you couldn’t hear the horns or what the refs were calling. At half time no one left their seats. I’m not sure if that’s because no one wanted to lose their seats in the packed house or because one side didn’t want to show weakness for a bathroom break or a water/popcorn run. Champions

The second half was even closer, never more than a point or two difference. Even the stars of each team couldn’t seem to break out and run up the score. This was going to have to be a team effort. As the clock wound down though, fatigue was setting in, at least on the court anyway, the fans were still loud as ever, if not more so.

In the end both teams played a great game, OHHS shouldn’t feel bad about the loss, they played with everything they had and Tipton just had a bit left at the end.

I was excited to be a part of the game, no matter how small my part was. It’s starting to feel more and more like home.

Too much to be healthy?

I was thinking again today, dangerous I know, but hey I had time to kill. I was thinking about being healthy, most of you that know me personally know that I’m not in the best shape. I’m overweight, not grotesquely, just overweight. i coudl stand to lose about 30 pounds I would guess, maybe less. So I started thinking about what I would do to lose the weight, diets, gym time, whatever. Do you realize how much it costs to go to a gym, at least $35 around here a month. That’s quite a bit really if you don’t go religiously. In this country we are all overweight, yeah yeah if you haven’t seen Supersize Me, go see it, you’ll want to vomit afterwards. Betwen the doctor’s bills that you have to pay, and the costs of staying healthy its really a wonder that we’re all still alive. I pay health insurance that I don’t use, I used to pay for a gym membership that I rarely used, its just crazy when I think about all the money I pay to stay somewhat healthy.
I wonder how many poor people are either poor because they’re trying to stay healthy or they are unhealthy because they are poor. Just thinking again really…

The free ride is over

I went to the gym with John tonight. Upon checking in and changing I was greeted by the clerk ho said that my membership had expired 6 weeks ago. (you can tell I go often) She said that she would let me workout tonight, but I had to call on Monday to get things straightened out. Suck!
You see, I haven’t been paying for my membership for the last 18 months or so. I haven’t really used it, but I guess since I went a while back they noticed that my membership had expired and that I haven’t been paying. So I’m terminated. Dangit! Now I have to cough up $33 per month to go. Suck! It’s been a good ride though, basically a year and half for free, too bad I didn’t use it enough to make anything of it.


Cooked an awesome dinner. Got my brakes changed. No biggie. Went out with Ben and Orion. Got some food, tea, and played some poker. Good times. I’ve got work tomorrow. Kyle’s home this week. I need to hit the gym desperately. I need to learn to use compound sentences. Bed. Awake again. Up way too late. I’m just not tired. Body clock is way out of whack, anyone know how to fix it?

well i just got home from the gym and i’m tired as crap. work was ok today i guess but i guess the biggest thing is the concert last nite, it was totally awesome. just amazing how much can touch you in a way you’ve never been touched before. i should be studying but i don’t want to, i’m tired of school and i want to be done. lots of work coming up this week, hopefully i won’t die