Stand up for yourself!

I think a great deal of my readers are probably college age, at least hope more than 8 of you are. In college there are always group projects, I mean if you’re taking 4 classes at least 3 have a group project of some kind. These vary from a simple paper all the way up to papers with presentations including in-depth research and possibly even outside independent research. Most of them are no big deal once you get started, its just a matter of doing the work. There is one problem I almost always encounter with group work, the quiet one.

The quiet one is the person in the group who doesn’t have an opinion, doesn’t make any contributions unless asked and usually won’t speak during the presentation. We are all getting along in our college careers here, some of us are graduating real soon, its time to stand up and speak out, prove that your education has gotten you something besides a large debt and a lame excuse for wearing sweatpants past 10am.

If you have an opinion in a group make it known, if you can contribute anythign for the greater good, do it. If you can’t do either then you’re not trying hard enough, get to work!

Today is also the start of a new category here “Soapbox” will feature my rants about stuff that probably doesn’t matter to most, it usually won’t be factually based most of the time and will probably entice you to either cheer or cry out in frustration, enjoy!

The easiest quiz ever…?

So I’m sitting in Poli Sci right now. Just finished quiz #2. Got a 100%. How do I know? Because on Wednesday we were not only given the questions for the quiz (as usual, hey it’s a 100-level class) but we were also given all of the choices for each question. So the only thing I had to do to pass a 20 question quiz was, look up the answers and either memorize the answers or the actual letters. Man, how hard can it be. Some people took 20 minutes to finish the thing! Most of the class left after the quiz though, now they are missing the same lecture that I am ignoring.
Anyways I’ve got a group project meeting (the only project this semster) tonight. Shouldn’t take long and then I’m going home and resting. Last night has still got me tired.