Posting from the iPad

So I’m sitting here on the couch typing on the iPad. Erin and I got one for christmas this year and so far i think it’s a pretty cool thing. I’ve got most of my apps setup to run on here and I think for the most part I could move from using my iPhone all the time for things to just using this at the couch all the time. I’m actually typing this at my normal typing speed on the screen keyboard and honestly it’s not so bad, I could probably do a little better but to this point I’ve only had about five spelling issues.
I can handle it.
We’ve also got it set up to work with our xfinity stuff. That’s pretty cool when you have a 10-inch remote control for your TV and you can control both TVs from the same device. Of course we use it for our AppleTVs too. I’m just waiting on a new Words with Friends app so that I don’t have to do everything in 2X mode. It’s a little grainy.
Later tonight I plan to play with YouTube a bit and see how that goes.
The magazines are pretty cool on here, unfortunately I haven’t found anything in iBooks yet that I’m willing to pay for yet.
And basically the Twitter app rocks! I love the mult-pane layout.
The only thing that i haven’t tried yet is the native mail app, since we’re sharing this thing I guess I’m just going to do gmail on the web, and actually that’s not so bad either.
Better get back to something non-productive, it’s vacation week!

Gmail’s Storage Increases, 6 GB in January 2008

Gmail’s Storage Increases, 6 GB in January 2008
Gmail will increase the free storage gradually in the next days. On October 23, you’ll get 4321 MB of storage, then the growth will slow down until January 4, when you’ll have 6283 MB of storage. From January 4, you’ll receive 3.3 MB every day, that’s 10 times bigger than the current rate of growth.

Well that’s all good to hear. I’m already up to 25% of my quota as it is and using more and more media in my messages.

I’ve been pretty sick the last two days. Stay tuned to the links posts each night to catch up on what I’ve been up to throughout the day. Hopefully things will get better soon. I’ve been improving right up until today but now I’m going down hill again.

Man I’m a geek

I geek’d out last night and today here’s the skinny:

  • I’ve been looking for online calendar apps such as Google Calendar. No such luck yet, but I hear it’s coming soon. In the meantime I checked out Planzo and Kiko, both are pretty cool. They run on AJAX it appears and both seem to be pretty easy to use. The one thing that they are lacking is integration with all my other stuff. Namely my Gmail on Google. It seems that I’ll have yet another site, with yet another login, everyday.
    I do like Planzo’s daily email, it tells you what is coming up today and even has a weekly reminder that is sent on Sunday. Cool Stuff. Google will be the killer-app though once it’s out.
    In reality though what we all need is a public and private calendar with busy/free blocks that is free, available anywhere and to anyone that we deem fit to see it. It should remind us via email/SMS/telepathy of what is coming up. It should integrate seamlessly with our email/IM/everything.
    Of course this is all a pipedream. I’m just going to wait on the Google Calendar to start working.

Why the heck am I awake at 1am?!?!

Well it goes like this… Around 11 I was getting ready to go to bed… an old friend popped up on IM… We talked and talked… finally got around to gmailing mp3s around and here I am wide awake now… grr…
The dates for Florida is final now… Oct 21 I will wake up in IN and sleep in FL.. woo hoo… I should be back by the 24th. Tomorrow is another day… or is that today is another day?… whatever… going to watch Family Guy and hit the sack way too late