Somber Day

american_flag.jpgI got to town as usual this morning, actually a little earlier than usual I had to pick up the paperwork for SB and do a little work with my insurance guy. I gotcaught in the funeral procession of Sgt. Jones. Hundreds of people were lining the streets, ABATE and several other bikers were there. Everyone was carrying an American flag, it was truly a great day to be an American. One of our own fallen soldiers being praised and saluted by the city he grew up in. Even as the procession wound down and the regular hustle of traffice commenced again, everyone seemed to drive a bit slower and more gentle. Normally this doesn’t happen though. The reason, today, for the showing of unity was the fact that a “church” group from Kansas had came to town to protest this funeral as a stand against gay rights. Fortunately they did not show themselves.

I’m political, I have an opinion on the war, I have an opinion about our foreign policy, I’m sure most of you can guess how I feel. What I will never do and can’t understand is disrespecting a soldier. These men and women are sacrificing everything so that we can live as free as we do. Someone’s son was bured today. I’m sure that his fiance cried as the soft echo of taps was being played in the cold rain just as the piercing sound of shots ringing out made her jump 3 times in succession. His father probably wept quitely while comforting his wife, a soldier’s mother.
No one has the right to take that from them. No group has the right to use a son or a daughter who gave their life in a foreign land to further any cause.

Kokomo is a little more somber today. The flags are still at half-staff. I can’t help but wonder if tomorrow, when Old Glory is flying high again, anyone will remember Sgt. Rickey Jonesand life he gave so that we may be free.

News of the day…

So I’m cruising the ‘net today, working on nothign as usual… Some interesting stories came up today though, here’s a quick peek:

Curious George co-editor found dead: MSNBC

I think it’s a bit odd that just days before the release of the movie this man who helped write several books and many of the short films about Curious George is found dead in trash bags at his Florida home… Something is up here.
Related note:
The Jack Johnson Curious George soundtrack is pretty good, give it a listen.

Walmart to open over 1,500 new stores in the coming years: MSNBC

They opened 341 last year and are expecting more than that this year. When will it end. I seriously cannot stand to see Walmart in every community. Millions of square feet of empty Walmarts are vacant useless to so many communities around the country because Walmart left for a better deal. Millions of people are without adequate, affordable health-care because of Walmart. When will it end?

New Muncie curfew to hold parents responsible WTHR

Muncie isn’t a large town, but its a college town with plenty of mischief to be caused. For the youth of the city that isn’t yet in college a new law will make parents know a little more about what their children are doing. I know that if I was faced with a fine of up to $2,500 I would know exactly where my child was and when he was in the house. Exceptions have been made to allow for school and religious events. But I think it’s about time that cities got more strict about parents being responsible for their children.

Blogger thinks of starting new category Here

I think I’ll call it “Get off my lawn.” After the supposed stereotype of old men who yell at those “damn kids” to get off my lawn. My soapbox if you will… Any thoughts?

Closing Snippets
Apple unveils new iPod Nano, drops price on Shuffle

Isn’t this thing dead yet, the shuffle is so low-tech.

Alabama church fires

Find them and hang them

Coretta Scott King Funeral

A bit overdone, but she was worth it

Google to pay Dell $1B to put software on new machines

Stop putting extra crap on my computer!