Back to the grind tomorrow

Well the long weekend is finally over. I’m sitting here winding down and getting ready to head to bed after a delightful long weekend off.

Yesterday Ali and Kyle came over for dinner, Erin made friend chicken for us along with all the fixins’ of cole slaw, baked beans, and chips and dip. After dinner we headed out to Cicero to watch the fireworks over the lake. I think we all got a bit bored while the fireworks were actually going off though, we had more fun people watching before it got dark.

This morning I got up and painted the shed a second time with my grandpa, it’s got two full coats on it now so it should be good to go, although I might put one more coat on before winter just to be tripley sure.

I did manage to get into town today and picked up a new bird feeder and shepherd’s hook to hang it on for our yard. I also got a rain gauge for the garden, I’m always intrigued by the weather.

Tonight, we went to Ali’s for dinner at Five Guys and then hung out for a while playing Scattergories, always good times.

I’d better get to bed though, Erin’s not feeling well and I want to get in bed before she falls asleep so I don’t wake her.

I rebuilt the shed today

Rebuilt the shed today So there it is, the rebuilt shed. It started yesterday, got off work a bit early and starting tearing off the sides. Essentially we took both ends off, cut part of the sides off and then put it all back on with new wood.

It took another 9 hours to finish the trim and stuff today but it’s done now. It’s painted now, just simple white, and it still needs one more coat though, new wood just keeps soaking it up.

I’m happy with it, it definitely made the yard look better than it did a few days ago.

Big day tomorrow with friends, food, and fireworks.

Sunday as usual

Yeah so last night we hung out at Ben’s and mostly just blew stuff up, such as 288 bottle rockets. We threw them into the fire, all at once, no big deal, but definitely cool. Heh, 288 of those, straight into a fire
It was a good weekend over all, hung out Erin and the guys and Frankie. Good times.
School starts in a week, un-freakin-believeable. It’s over, I was just getting used to summer, it’s over already. Actually today is the first day of fall around here, it’s 10ish and it’s only 66, lately it’s been well over 80 by now, it’s not even supposed to hit 80 today… good grief, crazy Indiana weather again.
I’d better go do something for a bit, leave a comment and vote in the poll!