A nice long weekend

Friday I headed out to Ohio for work, just the usual easy trip over there and back, nothing spectacular.

Once I got home though, I headed out and did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, bought a new charcoal grill. It’s just a little Weber Smokey Joe, perfect for Erin and I to make dinner on. We had pork chops on it that night too, they were amazing!

Saturday, Kyle and I headed out early to Wright-Patterson AFB to see the National Museum of the Air Force. We had a good time, just kinda wandered through the place and got to see some real pieces of history up close. I love looking at the medals and awards of soldiers, sailors, and airmen, the valor they exhibited that got them highest honors among their peers and among all Americans. On our way home we stopped for some Big Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve been here too.

The last stop we made on the way home was Hoosier Park. Horse racing and a casino, the perfect place to end the night. We placed a few bets on some races, if we would have had a clue as to how to bet on a race, we might have won a few bucks. It was cool though, I did learn quite a bit about how the betting works and maybe next time

Once we got home, I found the perfect way to end the night. A small fire and just some quiet time to reflect. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Mowed the yard while Erin cleaned the house up and then headed out for dinner and grocery shopping.

Today: I worked. Kinda. It was slow and long.

Sharing food with others…

“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.”
M. F. K. Fisher

There’s something I love about sitting down with friends and serving them a meal.

I love the preparation and planning that goes into it, whether its just hamburgers or a full five course meal. I love finding just the right ingredients, taking the time to cut and prepare things just a little bit special, maybe trying a new recipe or tweaking an old one to make it just a little more special. I love sharing my food with anyone around me, I hope that they find the joy in it that I try to give them.

That look on someone’s face when they take the first bite and it melts in their mouth. The gasp of air they take in when they start to chew and they can’t help but to make a “mmmm” noise.

Getting friends together to tell old stories and new, around a table or a fire, just taking the time to get away from the hustle of life and enjoy each other’s company.

Sharing a meal with someone is the highest honor they can bestow on me, making the meal is my honor to them.

Just an email

The cold bites at your soul
Like a distant memory rekindled

The wind whips through your hair
The demon is alive

The chill grips your bones
The fire still burns within

In the fridgid cold, life comes to a stand still
But the memories always remain…

I hate the winter, I hate the holidays. The cold, the wind, the snow. Mother nature can never compare to the kind of destruction and suffering that people can cause. Things were well and they are no more… 


Man I am so glad that this week is over. Yesterday I had two tests, one was called a quiz, but it had 40 questions and was thereby a test in my book. I think I did ok for the most part, a solid B effort. 🙂
The blog has been lacking in content lately because life has been busy, I’m going to try to keep more meaningful stuff on here, but I also like the links and pics that I randomly post, any thoughts?
This weekend is Ben’s party, can’t wait, should be a ton of fun. A fire, some football, cooking out, it’s like God wanted us to do this too, I checked the weather today and it’s going to be the warmest its been all week. Perfect! Everyone will be there, at least 8-10 of us. I’m excited.
Something hit me last night, suddenly, at least at IUK, Facebook is the new cool. Since our campus didn’t have it until like a month ago, no one really knew what it was or how it worked. Now that we have it, its crazy, people are constantly on it and making connections through it. I was in the cafeteria yesterday and saw no less than 3 laptops with Facebook up on their screens, that’s crazy to me. I’ve made contact with friends that I haven’t seen in over 5 years, I’ve strengthened other friendships. Thank you Facebook for everything.
I guess I should go get back to work, I’ve got nothing really to do today, but I’m sure there’s something somewhere to be done.

It’s raining again

Ben jumping over the fire We still had fun though. I headed to Ben’s tonight to help him do his homework (read: I did it all). Kyle, John and Orion came by later and we had our usual fire. We blew up some mousse cans, ate some food, melted some gummy bears and basically just had a good time. As the night was winding down it started to rain, perhaps someone above was telling us that it was time to go home.
It’s been a pretty good day, the Colts won, the fire was good, I talked to a good friend in depth for the first time really. At this moment life is great.

The pics on the left are as follows:

  • Ben jumping over the fire
  • John jumping over the now higher/larger fire and protecting himself
  • John threw his shirt on the fire, goodbye green hoodie that’s exactly like Jake’s
John jumping over the now higher fire
John threw his shirt on the fire, goodbye green hoodie that's exactly like Jake's

I hope Pablo is ok

Had a great night with the guys tonight. Thanks guys it was fun. We headed out to Ben’s for a fire, no big deal really. John and Kyle showed up a bit later. Ben went crazy with a chainsaw and we had plenty of wood. John showed up with 10 pounds of hot dogs. After singing Happy Birthday to Ben’s mom we headed out to cook the hot dogs. Ever fished with a hot dog? Kyle has. I bent my BB gun in the process of cooking mine I think.
Anyways we fed Pablo (Ben’s dog) a few hot dogs (like 6 or 7) some marshmallows, some grape soda and who knows what else. That dog is going to sick. We’re talking hot trots all night long.
But we had fun, just sitting around talking about life. That’s what it’s all about really, not blowing stuff up or making fun of each other, just enjoying the night and the times we have together.