Political Base GO THERE NOW!

This is a best site that everyone should be visiting soon. All of the issues, all of the (mainstream) candidates, simply explained. So much of the media just sensationalizing everythign that no one can possibly know who is the “best” candidate for the job. We just know who’s getting the most press this week.

Last weekend I was thinking about the Presidential race, I have a favorite but I asked myself why I like them. I have no idea. I didn’t know what their stances were on the issues that I care about or what their opponents were saying. This site is it.

Please check it out, you’ll be glad you did. Just click on Issues and see where the Dems and Reps stand on the issues at the very least.

Political Base – Election and Candidate Information

A trip to the IMA

Erin and I took our second annual trip to the IMA on Tuesday. We headed out sorta early and browsed all the exhibits. Some really cool new stuff, and of course the favorites from last year.

Click the picture for the rest that we took. Notice the wooden doorways, The Floor is always my favorite, I also got some amazing detail shots here and there too. Hope you enjoy!