We had a great day

The Valley BelowErin and I headed to Edinburgh today. Well at least that’s how it all started. We headed out early in the morning, got to the mall and started walking around. It was big enough I guess, but I just wasn’t that impressed honestly, we covered the whole thing in like an hour and a half. Since it was still early we headed down south a little more and went to Nashville in Brown County. Man, what a beautiful place. I seriously think it was one of the best days we’ve had in a long time. We walked all over that town, I bought a cowboy hat, a coin set, a gift for my g-pa and some other stuff. I really don’t know how to explain how cool it was down there, the winding roads, the trees are just starting to turn. If you’ve never been to Nashville be sure to check it out soon.
Motorin' Down the RoadWe had salt water taffy, fudge and saw all kinds of junk that we hadn’t seen before. I dunno, I just really enjoyed the whole day.
The pics on the right should allow you to click on them to see a larger version. Erin took them on our way home.
An Old Road