An the award goes to…

Me, Saturday night at Target, I bought the most random things you could possibly buy:

  • Jet-Dry Dishwasher cleaner – it needed it and now it’s all sparkley inside.
  • New shower curtain – hard water is horrible on these things, I can never seem to keep mine clean. The no mildew claim has me hoping that it’ll be a better one.
  • Perfect Strangers Seasons 1 & 2 – Larry and Balki, I thought I’d reminisce about those days again, turns out the TV you loved when you were 6 is not the same TV you like now. I’m giving this one away, I couldn’t make it through the first disc.
  • Marble thing to put junk on – Put it on my stone coffee table to hold the random stuff that accumulates there, pens, twist ties, paper clips, etc.

photo1.jpgSo it was quite an adventure in Target on Saturday, that’s what I got, I have no idea how you could go into a store and get more random things.

I wish to thank several people, Erin for taking this pic and slightly encouraging the Perfect Strangers purchase, the good people at Target for putting the marble thing 75% off, Jet-Dry and Reckitt Benckiser Inc. for making such an easy way to clean my diswasher, Mildew for making a new shower curtain purchase a habit, (cue swelling orchestral interlude) and last Balki Bartokomous for being a fading memory that will live on no matter how bad the DVDs are now.

Coincidence or Irony?

I always confuse the two. You decide. On this day in 2005 actor John Spencer died. I remember him best at Leo from West Wing.

Oddly (because I don’t know which word to use), I started watching the 4th season of West Wing. I was snowed in and needed something to watch, my Tivo was empty. As I was writing my last post, I saw the link and it struck me. The last time I was watching seasons of West Wing was the last snow storm. Two years ago I was home during a snow storm when I found out about John Spencer.

Johnny are you haunting me? Do I have to watch you on DVD with every snow storm?  Is it a ironic or just coincidence?

I got a little wind in my sails

Kyle made a comment on a post, it was short and probably made in jest… For some reason I just needed to go off and make my feelings known. Here’s the text, be mindful that the facts are not quite right and there is a ton of opinion here. Thanks for letting me vent Kyle, don’t take it personally.

Oh I totally agree with you man, but you know from experience, how many fo them are technically apt enough to purchase one let alone actually use one? By forcing them to use the technology that they are legislating against perhaps they can gain at least some understanding of how they actions affect the rest of us.
Take this for example: If you go to a store that is broadcasting the radio over a loudspeaker, technically they are required to pay the RIAA a license fee if the music is copyrighted (all radio music is usually) in addition to the fee that radio stations pay to play the song, the RIAA is double dipping. Now I realize that the music is being played to create an atmosphere conducive to selling goods at a profit so therefore a license might be warranted, but what about non-copyrighted music?
Lets pretend that I own a music production studio, I create my own music via computers and real instruments. I also happen to own a chain or large retail outlets that collectively have about $1m per year in gross sales where I play my music for customers. Under the current rules I would still have to pay that license to the RIAA because there is a chance that RIAA (copyrighted) music could be played.
That is what I’m talking about, little rules that are out to screw just about everyone who comsumes any kind of media, whether it be the fact that recording your Tivo’d shows to DVD or making a backup copy of your own music or burning it to more than a couple mix CDs for your own personal use. All of those things are technically illegal, most are broken every day by most of us. Why can’t the laws be changed to stop favoring the companies and start giving people the benefit of the doubt? I realize piracy hurts everyone, artists included. But the $15 that I spend on a CD isn’t buying that artist a cheesebuger, it’s barely paying the tax on one.
The anti-piracy measures do one of several things, destroy the creation outside of its original form (the upgrade tax per se), like CDs that aren’t able to be copied for archive purposes (a right afforded us by US Code), or they are destructive to our property (the Sony rootkit scandal) where they install means of preventing piracy at the expense of our security and equipment’s well-being.
I’m totally against any copy protection, give people a chance, they will own up to what they should. There will always be bad elements of society but by respecting your customers and giving them what they want you will ultimately sell more product that what you are force feeding us now. I want a CD of songs I like, or at least the ability to pay for only the songs I like.

Any thoughts?

Disappointed but I’ll live

Had X-mas a day early… didn’t get what I wanted. Ya know, how you kinda stack your Christmas list with “lesser” items so you hopefully get the bigger things. Well this year it back fired on me… I got all the lessers…. I’m not ungrateful necessarily; I liked what I got but lemme just run down through what’s gone wrong lately. First got a new watch… great watch… too big and I think I’ve scratched the face already… I got some new clothes, like 5 shirts and 3 pairs of jeans…. yeah on pair of jeans fits and only 2 of the shirts fit. I got an “old man” sweatshirt… cream color with embroidery on it… ack! I also go the new Simpson’s Hit and Run game… yeah… doesn’t work with my video card so I have to take the money that I got from the uncles to go freakin buy a new video card…ahhhh! About the only thing that I got that works right and well is my new UPS for my computer… Of course all you have to do is plug it in, but still. I’m counting my blessings on that as it is… I got a ton of DVDs too… how could that go wrong?… give it time I guess. I’ve spent the last few days with Emmy, like I’ve said I’m encouraged but not totally optimistic yet. I’m happy with how things are going and still have faith that things will work themselves out. Its going to be a long day… on top of everything… my site is down so basically no one will see this for at least a week… I hate the world mostly…The worst way to miss someone is to be sittin right beside them knowing you can’t have them