Why I’ll never buy Dell from Best Buy

Basically, much of the service and support for machines purchased at Best Buy will be handled by them. All Dell products sold through Best Buy will come standard with a 1-year warranty. The return policy is 14 days, and are handled according to Best Buy’s return policy. You can purchase extended warranties through Best Buy, and if you do, they will be responsible for support during the extended warranty period.

We’ve authorized both the Geek Squad and Best Buy to provide support for the Dell systems you’ve purchased there. So if you have questions or problems with a system you purchased, contacting Best Buy is the way to go. However, customers who buy Dell systems through Best Buy can still contact Dell for basic troubleshooting and support.

Direct2Dell – Dell’s Blog

In case you weren’t aware, Dell has recently begun (or is it began?) selling their computers in retail outlets like Best Buy and Staples. This is just another way for them to sell their products and penetrate the market even further (or is it farther?). I think it’s great, I usually recommend and purchase Dell products, and have done that for the last 10 years or so. After reading this today I feel that I may have to qualify my recommendations now, only buy from Dell direct or you’ll be stuck with the Geek Squad as your tech support. I loathe Geek Squad, they are sales people who have technical knowledge, their purpose is to sell products and services that may or may not be necessary to unsuspecting customers that think someone in a white shirt and skinny tie must be a geek.

I’ve had my share of problems with Dell support, I even got a computer that was DOA once. All of my problems were taken care of satisfactorily and quickly. I can’t imagine what Geek Squad would have done, a bad power supply is not something they test for I’m sure until well after I’ve become mad about the entire process and gone off in the store.

I think Dell should reevaluate this strategy, selling in retail locations is good, market penetration in an  industry of extremely low markup and high competition is great. Giving up a little bit of your core competency to get into new markets is not though. I fear they will be pushing the product without the service that users like me have been speaking of for the past 10 years plus, a computer is a commodity, the service and reliability are what you are buying. In my opinion Geek Squad cannot provide either, I hope Dell will come to their senses.

News of the day…

So I’m cruising the ‘net today, working on nothign as usual… Some interesting stories came up today though, here’s a quick peek:

Curious George co-editor found dead: MSNBC

I think it’s a bit odd that just days before the release of the movie this man who helped write several books and many of the short films about Curious George is found dead in trash bags at his Florida home… Something is up here.
Related note:
The Jack Johnson Curious George soundtrack is pretty good, give it a listen.

Walmart to open over 1,500 new stores in the coming years: MSNBC

They opened 341 last year and are expecting more than that this year. When will it end. I seriously cannot stand to see Walmart in every community. Millions of square feet of empty Walmarts are vacant useless to so many communities around the country because Walmart left for a better deal. Millions of people are without adequate, affordable health-care because of Walmart. When will it end?

New Muncie curfew to hold parents responsible WTHR

Muncie isn’t a large town, but its a college town with plenty of mischief to be caused. For the youth of the city that isn’t yet in college a new law will make parents know a little more about what their children are doing. I know that if I was faced with a fine of up to $2,500 I would know exactly where my child was and when he was in the house. Exceptions have been made to allow for school and religious events. But I think it’s about time that cities got more strict about parents being responsible for their children.

Blogger thinks of starting new category Here

I think I’ll call it “Get off my lawn.” After the supposed stereotype of old men who yell at those “damn kids” to get off my lawn. My soapbox if you will… Any thoughts?

Closing Snippets
Apple unveils new iPod Nano, drops price on Shuffle

Isn’t this thing dead yet, the shuffle is so low-tech.

Alabama church fires

Find them and hang them

Coretta Scott King Funeral

A bit overdone, but she was worth it

Google to pay Dell $1B to put software on new machines

Stop putting extra crap on my computer!

I hate HP

So I woke this morning with the full intention of doing mostly nothing but setting up a router for my cousin and watching the IU game. Of course it’s never that way.

My uncle bought an HP computer about a year ago, I told him to buy a Dell, but of course he doesn’t listen at all. You see there are things about computers that I know, among them are how to setup routers and not to buy HP. So it turns out that HP doesn’t include restore CDs of any kind with their computers so even if you do have a problem but you must be able to at least boot the computer in order to restore it. Not so easy with a totally busted hard drive. Of course that’s what I had to deal with today, the computer is out of warranty, the discs are $40 and my uncle is livid. All the while I’m just thinking about how to say “I told you so” over and over again. With most Dells I could have went to Best Buy, bought a new drive and then installed Windows and be on my way. Stupid HP doesn’t let you do that. I finally got all that figured out after missing half the game. I’m seriously so sick of fixing that computer I could scream. Why doesn’t he listen to what I say? Not only has his computer died but it died without him making any backups of any of his data, I told him a hundred times to at least back up some of the more important things on his computer. I’m just sick of it all right now i don’t want to write any more right now… maybe i’ll post something else later tonight.
BTW, IU beat Purdue 62-49. From what I saw it was a close game off and on.

I think I was productive

Today was one of those days with lots to do and honestly I think I did more than I expected. I feel very accomplished right now.

I got up, fixed my uncle’s computer. My g-ma and I decided that my cousin needed her own computer so we found a Dell that will suit her just fine. Nothing fancy, but it’ll work great. I’m paying for it, g-ma is paying me back in a month. I went to Kokomo and fixed Franki’s computer kinda. It works fine, just not as well as I’d like it to. I read the WSJ for the first time, not bad, I feel so adult now. 🙂 Erin and I got our plane tickets for spring break. We’re set and I’m excited about the trip again. So today I’ve fixed 2 computers, ordered 1 more, bought 2 plane tickets. $1200 and I really didn’t spend any of my money. A good day really.

Time for bed so I can be up to watch the Colts pound the Steelers!

Freaking Dell

So I get home tonight, eat dinner and then the UPS guy comes. Bringing tidings of Dell… I opened the opened the box, enjoying that new PC smell. I hooked everything up, turned it on and then…. nothing… dead as a door nail. I checked and rechecked every connection there was. Nothing. I called Dell support, Sanjay (told me his name was Tom) told me to take the whole system apart before he finally believed me that the PC wasnt’ working. Long story short, I have to wait for another 2-3 days to get a new power supply for this computer before I can even see if it works… WTF?!

Why is my luck so bad today…? 

What a day…

Well it’s been one of those days so far today… I woke up this afternoon (yes I did mean afternoon) and sat around for a while before the Colts game came on. While I was reading the paper, waiting on the aforementioned game to start I was told that my uncle’s computer needed some work. Usually not a problem, something easy like plugging in the power cord on the printer, today was no such day. I went over there during halftime to check things out. He had hosed his system, spyware galore… That took a while to get off then he told me about some email that he had gotten from "Paypal." It was asking him to verify his password, he clicked the link and gave away all his personal info. So I had to get into the real Paypal and try to fix it all. He lost some money, but I think all is well now. It’s now halfway through the 4th quarter when I get home. Of course we all know by now that the Colts lost a tough game, they just couldn’t execute today, no big deal, the real season doesn’t start up again until January.

The other thing that went wrong today that I just recently found out was the fact that when I ordered a new computer yesterday from Dell, for whatever reason, the order didnt’ go through. I found a sweet deal on the Dell Outlet and tried to buy it, it didn’t work. Of course by the time I had figured that out the computer was gone. I just bought a brand new one, screw it, I’m tired of dealing with the crap, it’s only money right?

Now I’m sitting here waiting on time to go play ball, maybe that’ll go better…