To give them hope

Erin and I will be attending this on April 23rd. Dave Ramsey has changed our lives dramtically. In August of 2008 we attended Financial Peace University, after listening to Dave a few times a week on the radio and through his podcasts.

Before we were to be married I knew that we had to be on the same page with money, I was coming to the table with a lot of debt from school, credit cards, cars, etc., she had just bought a house and had little other debt.  We used the class to get together on money, to set goals for our money and use it as a tool to move forward in life instead of just a way to get around in life.

I have continued to listen to Dave Ramsey every day since, most of what he says to his callers I know before he says it, I’ve become entirely indoctrinated and love it! I’m working through my debt and will have another credit card paid off and shredded before the end of this month. Times have definitely become time around our households and we’ve had to change the way we do things. Thanks to Dave, we made the adjustments and moved forward, it hasn’t been stress-free but having a game plan going into this has made it infinitely easier to make it through.

Town Hall for Hope is Dave Ramsey speaking about the economy, how we got here and how to move forward. If you have a free Thursday night coming up spend it with Dave, you won’t be disappointed, he’s exciting on even the most boring subjects and speaks commonsense that many thought went out of style.

FPU: 1/3 of the way through

Erin and I have been going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University for the past few weeks. We’ve completed a short and long budget, shared it with each other honestly, it’s been kind of eye opening. Sharing that information with someone for the first time is kind of a big deal. We had always just kind of glossed over money stuff, “I’ve got enough to do that,” or “I’ve been saving up for that,” was our old M.O. Now we know what is coming in and going out for each other we’re hold each other more accountable, it’s definitely helping. We’re saving money, understanding each other’s wants vs. needs. and most importantly, how to give and take criticism without freaking out.

I’ve saved over $350 of the $1000 that I want to have by December 1. I have canceled all but one of my credit cards, paid down my debt (the numbers escape me right now), and established a spending plan for myself that includes saving for the things I need to save for, honeymoon, winter food stock up, etc. It hasn’t been easy all the time, I have a few extra bucks now and then and get tempted to buy something dumb. I’ve held back, and really haven’t felt bad later about it.

“The difference between adults and children is children do what feels good, adults make a plan and stick to it.”

We still have about 8 weeks left of class, there are things left to cover that may not even apply to us yet, estate planning is not on our radar right now, but we’ll be ready when it is. Most of all I’m happy that Erin and I are taking that class together, we’re getting married in less than a year and starting things off on the same page financially is extremely important to me.

The truth shall set you free!!!

Today has gone from horrible to pretty good. It stared with me leaving Matt in a bar because it was late and he was drunk and I wanted to go home while he wanted to stay out. On the way home I got a call from g-ma that her brother had died around midnight. She was a mess. Meanwhile Emmy was waiting on me to get home and I talked to her most of the drive home. Then we talked online for a while, I went to bed finally around 230.
I wish I knew more about what was going on in hear head. I feel like she’s on the edge of coming back to me. For whatever (probably a good one) she’s not there yet. My thoughts? I can wait forever for a yes, but to hear it now and only mean it for a year is bad.
My grandpa retired today. 39 years at GM. glad to see he’s finally out.
Classes went well today, Philo is weird, the guy is a hippie but he seems cool enough, reminds me of Homkes, one of those guys that really make you think and stuff, which is good for Philo I’m sure. Psych is another story; he is a spiritual guy and wants us all to be that way too. I have a feeling that we will be disagreeing on my topics this semester, not the facts of the course but the meanings behind them. Soc is dull and I have a prof I can’t understand if Thursday doesn’t go better I’ll switch to the 1030 class.
Coming back to me: I say it like she’s out on her own and can’t deal with it without me, I don’t’ mean that at all. I should start saying get back together I guess cause neither one of us has really done that bad on our own and much to my delight we get along again. Someday it’ll work out; in the mean time I can save up for the rock… it might take a while at this rate. Charge it! I’m destined to be in debt forever I think
I have so much reading to do in the next two days I don’t’ know how I’m going to keep up this semester, my mind will be Jell-O soon… philo, psych and soc… ugh.. And then business law after that! Wow… I am a glutton for punishment I guess. Anyway off to read a bit and then to bed… see you all later.
Oh yeah, got a new cell phone today too… Samsung X427.