Pipes, not tubes, in my ears!

It’s been beautiful here the past few days. 70s with tons of sunshine, more of it to come in the next few days. Here’s the thing, I love having my windows down in the car, 4-55 is what we called it back in the day (4 windows down at 55MPH). Now instead of being a necessity for comfort, windows are a luxury, a nice way to enjoy the weather, a way to get some fresh air. Cranking up the radio, hitting the gas and just cruising the highway for 30 minutes or so is great, sure the occasional semi will pass and drown out the tunes. But my beef is with everyone who puts “pipes” on their truck/SUV/motorcycle. Do you *really* need an engine that idles at 80dB+ and revs well over 120dB? In most towns around here teenagers are harassed by police constantly because of their booming stereos, however a man in his early 50s with huge pipes on his Harley will go by without notice. Why?

These people are causing more harm to those around them than a fat man sitting in a movie theater after a burrito-eating contest. Why a fat man, because I said so, that’s why!

Putting pipes on your vehicles makes it sound “cool” right,  wrong. You may be looking for that low rumble at an intersection, I’m cool with that, you may want a fuller deeper sound, I’m cool with that, adding pipes so that you are obnoxiously loud at intersections and even at highway speeds is stupid. You are not only possibly damaging your engine with sub-par exhaust flow; you are damaging my hearing and all that you pass or are passed by (yes, people do pass you from time to time, admit it Bubba).

I think that noise ordinances should be enforced not only on bass-thumping rice burners but also on Harleys Dodge Rams, and any other vehicle that causing such a racket racing down the street as to cause potential hearing loss for all those around. Get off my lawn!

Adventures with Avocados

Before: I don’t like avocados. I hate them. They are slimy, gooey and I just think they are probably the most repulsive fruit on the planet. Guacamole is a just a waste of salsa fixin’s mixed into the gelatinous green goo, called the avocado. People in my family eat them. People all over the world eat them. There are entire cooking shows about avocados. I hate avocados!

The dawn of a new era: Alton Brown is probably my favorite TV chef. He not only makes food that tastes good (at least the things I’ve made) but he also explains why things taste the way they taste and why things do what they do when you cook them. On the episode Curious Yet Tasty Avocado Experiment, Alton tells us about all that the avocado has to offer. Wikipedia says:

The fruit has a markedly higher fat content than most other fruits, mostly monounsaturated fat. A whole medium avocado contains approximately 15% of the United States FDA’s recommended daily amount of saturated fat. Avocados also have 60% more potassium than bananas. They are also rich in B vitamins, as well as vitamin E, vitamin K, and folate.

The fruit is not sweet, but fatty, strongly flavored, and of smooth, almost creamy texture.

Avocado is also thought to promote physical beauty and is used in cosmetics to this day. The Aztecs ate the fruit as an aphrodisiac.

Interesting stuff really. I mean this thing sounds kind of amazing really. Lots of vitamins and healthy things. But it tastes bad. The show got me thinking though, I wondered if I should try this thing that a loathe so much.

I’ve been into eating a little better lately, not whole-heartedly dieting or even giving up fast food. Just eating a little better, more veggies, less fattening stuff, smaller portions. I decided to try the fruit. I told myself that I would force myself to eat some avocado at every chance that I had. That was a few weeks ago.

Avi the AvocadoAfter and beyond: I ate a little on some tacos the other day, it was OK, nothing to write home about but I didn’t mind it so much. On Tuesday I had guacamole on a burrito, this was some good guac! I think I’m starting to like avocados. The flavor is pretty good, the health benefits seem to be measurable, overall they seem like a good thing to eat. Now I just have to find a way to eat them without eating guacamole all the time.

Now I have Aví the Avocado designed entirely from scratch by Erin! (pictured)

It’s amazing how sometimes you start off with a simple thought, something that just passes through your mind on a late night TV binge. The next thing you know you are changing your diet and eating something entirely new. I cannot say that I’ll be a lifetime avocado eater, I can say that for the time being, I’m going to continue to experience what it has to offer. I invite you all to check out the avocado too. An interesting fruit and possibly one of my new favorites.
Avocado Hints & Tips
And thus, the avocado adventure has begun!