May Stats

Another month. Another ton of readers. This month was huge:

  • 3,512 Visitors
  • 85,116 Hits
  • 1.07 GB served
  • 339.26 visits per day
  • Another note: please stop coming here looking for porn. I have no naked pictures on this site, at least none you’d really search for as porn. I also do not have anything here about military wives, naked or otherwise.

Thanks for reading and commenting. (If you haven’t left a comment, leave one!)

A drive to be the best

I like to think that I work hard, harder than most. I think that I constantly strive to make things better around me. I think that differs from most in my generation who seek to have everything handed to them. I know the value of an honest day’s work and the rewards that can come from it.

I’m typing this with dirt under my nails from changing a set of brakes earlier in the week. I spent another day this week working outside, mowing, trimming brush and just making it all look better.

I’m not afraid to work hard, hard work is what gets you where you want to be. Those who simply inherit their status and place in the world will never realize all that they have and how valuable it is. No matter where you start in life I think working your way up a few levels in the world makes you a better person. We can’t control where we start I realize, some of us are just blessed with a great start in life and others are seemingly doomed from the start, but I think that we should all better ourselves in some way all through our lives.

Sometimes you just have to get dirty and get the job done instead of simply paying someone else to do your work.

This post isn’t as long or as thought out as I’d like it to be but I’m going to post it anyways and see if any comments come through. Any thoughts out there?

A little cleaning

trashcan_full.pngI couldn’t sleep last night, at all. I fixed up the blog a bit, got rid of some old plugins, updated the theme (v 1.2) and changed the way some plugins work.

You might notice on the right side there is a posts, words, and comments tally. These have changed slightly in the last few hours, now only posts (not pages) are counted in the posts and words tally. Comments haven’t changed, only you can change that number my friend.

over 748 pagesI’m not over 200,000 words as I thought I was, yet. Currently though, the total stands at around 187,000 if you were to print this at the publishing industry standard 250 words per page (Google Answers link). I would have written a book of over 748 pages, at 200,000 we cross over 800 pages. In comparison The Lord of the Rings (depending on which version you look at) is about 1100 pages or 275,000. I’m no Tolkien, not even close. But to know what it really takes to write a tome that long is certainly eye opening.

I guess in retrospect nothing really has changed for you, the reader, but only for me, the lonely keeper of this site. Keep reading, commenting and writing on your own sites.

Some quick stats

I havne’t provided any stats for a while, here’s April:

  • 2,335 visits / 294.9 per day
  • 51,680 hits / 1,722.67 per day
  • Only 15 blog posts
  • Interesting Search Terms
    • church slogans (7)
    • woman ass (4) Better than man ass I guess.
    • massachusetts favorit dinner called dinner of u.s.a (3) 3 people spelled favorite wrong? Wow.
    • riding lawn mower pregnant hurts (2) Umm…

An interesting month really, the most visits ever, just beating January 2007 by about 80. I like seeing the consistent number of visitors each month of 2000-2500. Tell your friends, keep commenting and keep blogging on your own sites.

1000 Posts!

I’ve done it, 1000 posts. I’ve posted my thoughts here more times that I can think. I’ve preached, praised and propped. I just wanted to say thanks for reading this over all the years, talking with people about what I’ve written or seeing your comments make it all worthwhile.

Sadly I must take a vacation now though, Spring break starts Monday, I’m ending the posting streak, 184 days in a row. That’s over half the year that I’ve posted every day. The last post probably for the week will be a message from my cell on Monday that I’ve arrived safely in MIA. Internet access might be hard to come by on the ship or in Mexico…
I hope you enjoy the week off from reading, I promise to have a huge post when i get back complete with great stories and pictures. Catch you all next week!

A Heart for the Prof?

It’s the end of semester at IUK, of course that means group projects, terms papers, and finals are all coming up. one other thing that invariably comes up is instructor evaluations, we fill otu a small fvorm that grades our professors more or less, you are given an opportunity to make comments about each of the facets of the class and rate the professor on things such as knowledge of the subject and the value fo the textbook in the class.
I was rating a professor last night and I was actually overcome by emotion while doing it. You see, this professor is probably my least favorite this semster, I can barely understand him and I just don’t think that he teaches well, he does obivously know what he’s talking about, I just don’t think that he conveys that to the students well. I always try to be honest and real when I fill out evals, I want to give the prof constructive criticism and not be too nice or too mean just because of how I am doing in a class. Well as I was filling out this prof’s eval I really wanted to be harsh on him but I just couldn’t do it, he was a good professor, he just lacked in a few areas that affected me only probably. I gave him an average score, nothing great and nothing even close to what I can my Intro to Business prof a few years back.
Hopefully now all future IUK business students will have the opportunity to have this prof and enjoy his quirks with the rest of us.