It’s been a long day

Today was one of those days that started off with me getting up a little too late and then got worse from there. I wasn’t “late” to work but I don’t think I was really on time either. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep this week really.

Right now I’m training to be a sawyer at work too. I’ll be running the bridge saw cutting the stone slabs down to the pieces that will be eventually edged and polished by my CNC machine or one of the other machines in the shop. It’s yet another one of those things that I say “Man, I wish I remembered more geometry from high school.” Remember kids, pay attention to just about everything in high school and college, you never know where you’ll end up and what you’ll end up doing. So now I’m sort of doing two jobs, it definitely keeps me hoping around, but I’m always happy to learn something new.

I got an email from one of our clients late today that basically means I’ll have to work a little late at least one night this week. Oh joy. I don’t mind, honestly it’s nice to work in the quiet shop, just me and the machines, no other distractions like phones and people to bother me. It’s a big order and that’s always good for everyone.

There’s still water in the basement here at The Green but it seems like it might be going down a bit, so hopefully it’ll be dry by the weekend. The snow storm for tomorrow is pretty much a non-starter, the one for early next week is still a bit too early to tell. Let’s hope.

Stand up for yourself!

I think a great deal of my readers are probably college age, at least hope more than 8 of you are. In college there are always group projects, I mean if you’re taking 4 classes at least 3 have a group project of some kind. These vary from a simple paper all the way up to papers with presentations including in-depth research and possibly even outside independent research. Most of them are no big deal once you get started, its just a matter of doing the work. There is one problem I almost always encounter with group work, the quiet one.

The quiet one is the person in the group who doesn’t have an opinion, doesn’t make any contributions unless asked and usually won’t speak during the presentation. We are all getting along in our college careers here, some of us are graduating real soon, its time to stand up and speak out, prove that your education has gotten you something besides a large debt and a lame excuse for wearing sweatpants past 10am.

If you have an opinion in a group make it known, if you can contribute anythign for the greater good, do it. If you can’t do either then you’re not trying hard enough, get to work!

Today is also the start of a new category here “Soapbox” will feature my rants about stuff that probably doesn’t matter to most, it usually won’t be factually based most of the time and will probably entice you to either cheer or cry out in frustration, enjoy!

You must try to succeed

I read this today:Your College is Not a Technical School. Absolutely true. Spending our college days just following the crowd is not the way to greatness. You must be different in this world of blandness. Find a way to set yourself apart from the rest of us…

24 hours and so many days

I worked out some stuff tonight and came to the realization that I only have 8 classes left to take before I get my double major! Woo hoo! That means that in 2 semsters plus one summer class (one class is only offered in the summer) I’ll be done and out in the “real world.” A bit scary but I’m ready for it. I’m excited to register for classes for spring, sad huh?

My bigot textbook

I’m am taking an Organizational Management class this year as one of my last prereqs before I take all my capstone classes in the Spring. No big deal really (besides the D on the first test anyways). I was reading for my next test (today, wish me luck) and I noticed in Chapter 4, dealing with Individual Behavior and Differences there are some passages that seem to be very un-politically correct. for example:

Managers today face sweeping demographic changes in the workplace. There are more women and more African-American, Hispanic, and Asian applicants and employees. In the 21st Century fewer people will be in the human resource pool, which means that more attention must be paid to improving the performance of the available people.
Since many workers may lack needed skills, managers will probably have to devote more time to educating, training, and creating a positive motivational atmosphere for employees.
Gibson, et al., 91

So are women and racial minorities dumb and unworthy of working in our male dominated factories? I just don’t understand the concept that is trying to be taught here. There are most certainly not going to be fewer people in the work pool in the 21st century, the world’s population is growing quickly and more and more people are working, including women and other minorities.
another passage that I found disturbing was this short gem:

Managers must learn how to deal with the difference they’ll encounter with a diverse workforce. The increased proportion of people of color and immigrants combined with related educational and linguistic issues will cause managers to work hard to match people with jobs. (emphasis added)
Gibson, et al., 93

Wow, I just don’t know how a textbook can be printed with the phrase “People of color” in it in the age we’re in. Unbelievable. I’m totally shocked by all of this. Comments?
I have to study now.

Gibson, J. L., Donnelly, Jr. J. H., Ivancevich, J. M., & Konopaske, R. (2003). Organzations: Behaviors, Structure, Processes (11th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

The eye of the storm

Routine. I’m beginning to hate it. I just finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower. at the end it was kind of weird, I just closed the book and sat for a minute, thumbing the pages. There was a quiet, a good quiet. Peace, that’s the only word I can think of right now. Sure there are people walking around me, there are machines making noise, but right now it’s quiet for me. I really like that.
I’m kind of hiding out today trying to study a bit. I bombed my test, bad. I’ve got another one on Thursday and I must do well or I’m totally screwed. This is the one class that I can’t afford to do poorly in, I need it as a prereq for everything else I have left to take before graduation.
I need more peace. I need more quiet times. So much of my days are spent in “noisy” environments, everyone fighting to get a word in. Everyone fighting. I’m tired of it. I miss the old days.