Looking back

I was reading this the other day. As I read here, many people are taking a look back and reevaluating. I guess it’s just that time of year or time in our lives anyways.
I no longer obsess about pens, I just like to have one in my pocket most of the time. I do however always carry my Moleskine in my back pocket, in case the mood strikes me to write something down, hence the pen in the pocket. I just don’t care so much about which pen now anymore.
Shoes are just driving me nuts lately, I don’t care, I wear one pair of boots to work, another pair of tenny’s to everything else. Comfort is key and I can’t find anything more comfortable than what I have. Perhaps I’ve reached shoe nirvana at such a young age that I can escape the Rockport phase of my later years.
Socks? Are you kidding, I still want to change them all the time.
Traditions are always changing, yet somehow they remain traditions. I can’t get past some things that I’ve always done, sir, ma’am, t-shirts, meals, all the same basically. I’ve added rituals like cleaning, meeting for coffee and other things but all in all I still feel a little more traditional than some others around me.
The phone thing has changed a bit, my rule: If you call and don’t leave a voice mail, it wasn’t important enough to at least say “Call me back,” I’m not calling you back and I’ll assume you just misdialed. Assume the same for me, no message, no callback.
I’m early for everything most of the time, I think.
Organization has changed a bit since I moved out on my own. I have things where I want them, I just don’t think I have enough room for everything now. Time to get rid of stuff soon I think.
I’m still a geek. iPhone, 2 laptops, a desktop, 3 iPods, a GPS in my car, I’m a gadget freak and I’m ok with that.
All in all I look back and where I’ve been and where I’m going and I have to say that I feel pretty optimistic about things. Sure I’ve missed a few opportunities, I’ve missed chances to do wonderful and great things. But in the end, I like where I am, where I’ve been and what the future ahead looks like.
New habits that I’ve noticed are:
Coffee pot must be set before bed.
Clothes must be laid out in bathroom before bed.
Two different pillows on my bed, one hard, one soft. Most nights I sleep on the soft one, I use the hard one for support and for hot nights when I want to be on top of the pillow not thoroughly wrapped in it.
I’m sure there are tons more and I’m going to try to post more of them as they come along. I’ve posted too much this time as it is.
Are you looking back and reminiscing or just blasting forward without regard for what you’ve done before? I urge you to take a look back now and then. Adjust your course from time to time. But in the end, be happy where you are going.

Comfort is key

Have you noticed that when you’re not comfortable where your are physically you just can’t seem to be happy about anything. I haven’t been comfortable lately. I just can’t seem to find a sitting position or standing position to work for me, I’m constantly switching positions and shifting in my seat. My shoes don’t seem to have enough room in the toe lately. no matter what shoe I wear I’m only comfortable for a little while. This is obviously psycho-somatic, my clothes/shoes fit fine. I dunno… I need help sometimes I think

Near Death on the Escaltor

I hung out with Ben on Friday night since Erin and Franki were at the Lia Sephia party. We went to the Keystone Mall to look for some new clothes, the new iPod, and some Aveda makeup (for Franki). While we were walking around and talking about nothing in particular, Ben bought some clothes and then we headed to Apple store to see the new iPod. Unfortunately, as soon as we entered the store, which was oddly empty for 8PM on a Friday night, we were inundated by 4 Apple employees who were incredibly overeager to help us. The didnt’ let us get 10 feet into the store before they attacked, no new iPods until the 25th, but they were all too happy to sell one to us. I’m sorry I would not spend $300 on something that I’ve never seen or held.
The real story of our night was the escalator. When we were on the way, down I was apparently wasn’t paying attention and apparently my shoelace was untied and it got caught in the tread of the escalator. I immediately felt the tightening of my shoe as the laces were pulled under the seemingly fast moving stairs. I jerked away, nothing happened. My short, pathetic existence flashed before me in an instant, it was pretty short really. Finally as we reached the bottom, I thought I was sure to lose my left foot and be known as “Stumpy” for the rest of my life. At the last possible instant the aglet (AKA the plastic thingy on the end of your shoelace) broke and I was free. I’m glad that the ordeal is over now and everyone involved (me) is OK.
It’s good to be alive, isn’t it?

Why Huey? Why?

Test #2 went well too… I was done in 15 minutes though, I actually think that was too long considering it was 20 questions, most were poorly worded though. I thought I was home free and on my way after the test. That is until the prof said that we were watching a movie and needed to stay, the movie was about Huey Long. Good grief! This movie was clearly made in the 1970’s, clothes and styles were apparent. I’m not sure of the purpose of this movie, I don’t see how it really related to anything we’re talking about, the prof was just showing it because he liked it perhaps. Maybe he thought it should have gotten an Oscar/Emmy nod or something… I give it 3-thumbs down, you figure out the 3.
I’m off to finish watching MNF, the pre-game fight was kinda cool.
Podcast coming soon, I promise.

Disappointed but I’ll live

Had X-mas a day early… didn’t get what I wanted. Ya know, how you kinda stack your Christmas list with “lesser” items so you hopefully get the bigger things. Well this year it back fired on me… I got all the lessers…. I’m not ungrateful necessarily; I liked what I got but lemme just run down through what’s gone wrong lately. First got a new watch… great watch… too big and I think I’ve scratched the face already… I got some new clothes, like 5 shirts and 3 pairs of jeans…. yeah on pair of jeans fits and only 2 of the shirts fit. I got an “old man” sweatshirt… cream color with embroidery on it… ack! I also go the new Simpson’s Hit and Run game… yeah… doesn’t work with my video card so I have to take the money that I got from the uncles to go freakin buy a new video card…ahhhh! About the only thing that I got that works right and well is my new UPS for my computer… Of course all you have to do is plug it in, but still. I’m counting my blessings on that as it is… I got a ton of DVDs too… how could that go wrong?… give it time I guess. I’ve spent the last few days with Emmy, like I’ve said I’m encouraged but not totally optimistic yet. I’m happy with how things are going and still have faith that things will work themselves out. Its going to be a long day… on top of everything… my site is down so basically no one will see this for at least a week… I hate the world mostly…The worst way to miss someone is to be sittin right beside them knowing you can’t have them