A few confessions

I just want to get a few things out in the open. I was just sitting around thinking about PostSecret the other day. I sort of made my list of “secrets” they aren’t that profound really. They are just things I thought of and thought I would share.

I abuse things and forget about others. Here’s my list:

  • My iPhone is scratched on the back, even though it’s been in a case since 5 minutes after I took it out of the box. Too much dust and dirt at work.
  • My car has 134,563 miles on it. I’ve owned it for just over 3 and one half years.
  • I used 2,219 minutes last month on my cell. Along with 616 text messages.
  • I’ve had a huge dent in my fender for over a year. The tire hangs out a bit the dent is so large.
  • My last laptop computer had the paint worn off the keys on a few of the letters. None to report on this one, yet.
  • My laptop was scratched across the top in less than a month.
  • My MacBook is held together with super glue, electrical tape and a binder clip.

Others, not so much:

  • I’ve owned dumbbells in one form or another for over 3 years. I last used them around Christmas time.
  • I’ve never cleaned my oven.
  • Nor under my refrigerator.
  • I have aluminum foil on my TV antennae so that I can get HDTV from one extra channel. It’s draped across my sliding door for strength.
  • I really need to wash my bathroom rugs, 3 months is too long. I just hate the sound of them in the dryer.
  • I have things in my freezer from when I moved into the apartment. Freezer burn doesn’t go away.
  • I use the same bath towel every day to dry off, unless I’m feeling particularly dirty and then I’ll get a new one every day. I flip back and forth on this one.
  • Combing/Brushing my hair, has never been a forte of mine. Last accomplished: December 27th.

Is it that interesting? No. Just something to post.

The food here isn’t that great

I don’t know why but for some reason in the last 6 weeks or so, food just hasn’t tasted as good as it used to when I eat at home. Home has changed of course but nonetheless, nothing seems to taste right.

I don’t know why or what it is really but nothing tastes as good as it used to. The water here is different, the stove is electric instead of gas and the pans are different, but I feel like my cooking skills aren’t what they used to be anymore either. I’ve made a few dinners here in the last little while and they just don’t come out right. It sucks.

I used to enjoy food a great deal, but now it’s a chore. I have to find food, prepare it, cook it, and then clean up. Usually I love to do this, but I just don’t anymore. I just can’t figure out why really.

My kitchen is much smaller than I’m used to, I just feel cramped. My pans are different now, I’m just not used to them. My stove is electric, gas was what I used before and loved the control I had with it, electric is slow to heat and slower to cool.

I think I will get used to it, I just hate not being able to cook the food that I know and love to cook. Someday, hopefully soon I can enjoy a meal here again.

I’m a Clinique man

Scruffing LotionMy name is Mike and I have acne. I’m 23 and still break out from time to time. For some reason over the past few months I’ve been breaking out almost constantly, just as things would start to heal up, they would break out again. It’s horrible. I just watch my face go from bad to worse each day. I’ve tried every face wash and creme I could find at Target/Walmart. The other day, Erin took things into her own hands and bought me some Clinique for Men. She bought me face soap, scruffing lotion, lotion, and some kind of emergency acne stuff…Now I know what you’re all thinking, I know I did… GAY! I wholeheartedly disagree now, in less than a week my face has almost entirely cleared up with no signs of anything else coming through. I’m excited and happy all at the same time, which now leads me to believe that everything above is not gay, merely metrosexual, I can live with that.
Thanks Erin