Another trip to Ohio

I went to Ohio for work again today. Just another delivery, nothing out of the ordinary. I found a Chipotle in Richmond so at least I have a good reason to get done early so I can stop there on my way back now. Man I’d missed those carnitas bowls. $1.80 for guac is a bit much though.

After I got back to work, I didn’t have much going on so I went home to mow the yard. Man that was a mess, I haven’t mowed in like 10 days, it was half way up my calf in a few places!

Erin and I are working on finding ways to replace wheat flour in our eating lately. She’s been a little funny with wheat lately, not a gluten weirdo yet, but not “normal” either. Tonight we tried rice flour and corn meal on some fried cubed steak. I think the rice flour was pretty tasteless honestly, the corn meal though left a nice crust. I think we’ll do both again sometime.

We got some groceries tonight and now we’re just chilling in front of the TV. Life is good today.

iPhone news o’ the day

I was going to post about this, iPhone nano chip order coming soon and released in June? But instead, I’m posting this, far more important story:

Chipotle’s Mobile Ordering App For Magic iPhone Burritos
Even if I didn’t like Chipotle, I would still eat there based purely on the fact that their new app allows me to order my burrito from the comfort of my iPhone.

Chipotle Mobile Ordering builds upon their already substantial online ordering system by allowing iPhone and iPod Touch owners to find locations, customize their orders, save their favorites and pay for everything while on the go.

via App Store: Chipotle’s Mobile Ordering App For Magic iPhone Burritos.

I was about to download this thing, then upon reading further:

On the negative side, it appears that the app has been taken down from the store (temporarily at least). Several users on MacRumors forums claim that the app was extremely buggy, which may or may not be to blame for the sudden disappearance.

I’m ready for this! I want to walk up, grab my burrito in a bag and walk away, no cash, no talking, just a burrito in a bag.

iPhone nano? Meh, I have the 3G, its a fine size, plenty of room for my media that I need and I have grown accustomed to everything on it. As a matter of fact, given the chance to choose another phone, I’m not sure I could, I use too many of the apps and features on a regular basis. The iPhone nano can only be a smaller iPhone, not a less feature-rich one, or simply a phone with iPod capability (ROKR, etc.) or it will fail miserably, as it has before.