Gimme some spyware!

I was working on someone’s computer recently, their home computer, on company time. It’s a wonderful thing I know.

As I was finishing up Windows Update and adding all the usual security software, browser lockdowns and the like, she casually walked by and said, “Make sure I have some spyware installed, please.” I nearly fell out of my chair. I have spent the last 2 days working on this thing on and off, removing trojans and the like, finally just formatting was the only thing worth doing. She had spyware, trust me dear, you don’t want any more.

The laptop is restored now, oh yeah, restored, the restore CDs are lost so I was stuck looking online for 5 year old drivers for a laptop with unknown specs… Nice. All is well now.

In other news: *If* I get back into podcasting, something I’ve been chewing again, this will be my kit.  Small, cheap and seems simple. This could be the Gutenberg press for the podcasting masses, much like Audacity, mAudio kits, and GarageBand have been already. We’ll see, not released yet.

PS: If you are unaware, spyware is bad, anti-spyware is good. Trojans are worse.  Here’s a good place to start I suppose.

I got it

In RainbowsYeah I got this album. I paid what I paid, not nothing, but not what I would pay for a full CD at a store. Reasons:

  1. No physical media, bandwidth should be cheaper than plastic.
  2. I’m not a Radiohead fan, never really got into them before. A sampler, as I took this to be, shouldn’t cost too much.
  3. The dollar is weak. Prices in £s scare me, it’s not USD, I don’t know exchange rates that well or fees for that matter, I was cautious.
  4. It was too easy to not pay a lot for, name your price is not a pricing model its a “steal it if you have no soul” model.

I got it, it’s OK, glad I didn’t pay a lot for it. True fans should pay more than I did, they will listen repeatedly, I will drop it so low in the playlist, it won’t get played for years.

Image via: Joel Used without permission.
Joel: I see no CC or other copyright notice on your site. We once talked about podcasting, I did the Fuzznik podcast when you ran the car-casting node at So enough begging, if it’s cool with you I’d like to use your graphic. Thanks buddy, bring back T&D!

I got a little wind in my sails

Kyle made a comment on a post, it was short and probably made in jest… For some reason I just needed to go off and make my feelings known. Here’s the text, be mindful that the facts are not quite right and there is a ton of opinion here. Thanks for letting me vent Kyle, don’t take it personally.

Oh I totally agree with you man, but you know from experience, how many fo them are technically apt enough to purchase one let alone actually use one? By forcing them to use the technology that they are legislating against perhaps they can gain at least some understanding of how they actions affect the rest of us.
Take this for example: If you go to a store that is broadcasting the radio over a loudspeaker, technically they are required to pay the RIAA a license fee if the music is copyrighted (all radio music is usually) in addition to the fee that radio stations pay to play the song, the RIAA is double dipping. Now I realize that the music is being played to create an atmosphere conducive to selling goods at a profit so therefore a license might be warranted, but what about non-copyrighted music?
Lets pretend that I own a music production studio, I create my own music via computers and real instruments. I also happen to own a chain or large retail outlets that collectively have about $1m per year in gross sales where I play my music for customers. Under the current rules I would still have to pay that license to the RIAA because there is a chance that RIAA (copyrighted) music could be played.
That is what I’m talking about, little rules that are out to screw just about everyone who comsumes any kind of media, whether it be the fact that recording your Tivo’d shows to DVD or making a backup copy of your own music or burning it to more than a couple mix CDs for your own personal use. All of those things are technically illegal, most are broken every day by most of us. Why can’t the laws be changed to stop favoring the companies and start giving people the benefit of the doubt? I realize piracy hurts everyone, artists included. But the $15 that I spend on a CD isn’t buying that artist a cheesebuger, it’s barely paying the tax on one.
The anti-piracy measures do one of several things, destroy the creation outside of its original form (the upgrade tax per se), like CDs that aren’t able to be copied for archive purposes (a right afforded us by US Code), or they are destructive to our property (the Sony rootkit scandal) where they install means of preventing piracy at the expense of our security and equipment’s well-being.
I’m totally against any copy protection, give people a chance, they will own up to what they should. There will always be bad elements of society but by respecting your customers and giving them what they want you will ultimately sell more product that what you are force feeding us now. I want a CD of songs I like, or at least the ability to pay for only the songs I like.

Any thoughts?

I found it…Buried under crap

Remember that CD I lost? I found it. Apparently I got it from Ben back in April or May, then I lost it. Well, I was cleaning the other night. I twas a long night of cleaning. I filled a 55 gallon trash bag…As I was throwing out old magazines I came to a pile from May… there it was. Now I have the CD that I never really lost but have already copied to my hard drive. Maybe it’ll get me more money when I sell the book back.

How to break the copy protection on Switchfoots new CD… Provided by Switchfoot!

Switchfoot’s new album Nothing Is Sound shipped from Sony with copy protection software on the CD, much to the dismay of thousands of iPod-wielding fans. The band posted a response on their official forum apologizing for the protection and detailing ways to circumvent the protection and rip their songs to PC. Switchfoot linked to open-source program CDex’s download page with instructions on disabling the autorunning protection and ripping the files to MP3. Many of Switchfoot’s fans have been upset by the copy protection measures, and it’s nice to know the artists seem to care about the issue. via

Go here to read the forum post.
I personally applaud them for this, as an iPod owner I find its harder and harder to buy CDs that actually will be able to be copied to my iPod. Switchfoot Rocks!


That’s the question we should all ask more. Not necessarily in a negative sense either. Just ask yourself why now and then, keep things in perspective, is it really worth it, why? That was probably a bad way to start out a blog entry but its cool no one minds. I’m in one of those moods tonight, one of those where I wish things were the way they were way back when. I don’t’ mean last year, I mean like 5 years ago even, sure something should stay the way they are but some things just suck now that I’m older and dealing with “life” This weekend was kind of uneventful I guess. I got my car on Friday, it rocks. Anyone who wants a ride should let me know, because I love driving it. MP3 CD player is awesome, 180 songs on one CD, how cool is that? I just hung out on Friday, yesterday was crazy though. I helped rebuild our deck, built a walkway in the backyard and painted part of the shed. I was so tired, then I met up with everyone, well not everyone, but anyways we ended up in Swayzee at a party, kegger anyone? None of us drank, but it was fun just to watch everyone else get trashed for a while. Today was so nice; I slept in a bit and then just chilled most of the afternoon. I went to Kokomo tonight to study for my stupid law test, 2 and a half hours… ugh… I dunno, I just haven’t’ been in the mood to share lately I guess. That’s why I haven’t’ written anything … Life is hectic right now, I don’t’ think I know where I’m going or what I hope to accomplish once I get there. I’m going out on Friday with Bethany… haven’t’ seen her in a long time, so it should be cool I guess. I dunno… screw it I’m going to bed, this isn’t helping….

What would you say?

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, I just can’t seem to nail down what I think of them right now. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I think there’s something there, how do I go about finding out though. I just want this all to be over and done with. We’ll see how it comes out though I guess.
This weekend has been pretty good really, outwardly that is. Friday we went to the Audio A/Reliant K/NewSong concert. I got a CD by a guy named Todd Agnew, he rocks. Definitely going to be listening to him for a while. I wouldn’t say I was as moved by this concert as I was by other concerts but still I enjoyed myself. A new friend has come into the spotlight, although nothing more will come of it, I am still intrigued to get to know this new person better. Saturday I wasted the entire day, I didn’t do crap in other words. I finally went out with the gang last night around7ish to Pastariffic and then to see Miracle, it was good, not great but good. I’ll probably buy it when it comes out though. Very Apollo 13-ish. This week is going to be a long one; I have tons of stuff coming up at school and stuff at work too. I have 2 test and 2 papers due on Tuesday that I have to study for and finish today hopefully. Its just one of those weekends again where I don’t’ feel like studying but I know I have to or I’m going to be screwed next week. The next few weekends I’m going to be gone, so I need to stay caught up with stuff and get everything done during the week, between IU on the 14th and Purdue on the 21st I’m going to be busy as crap. It’s getting late for everything to be starting, I should go outside and get my books out of the car and get something done, maybe I’ll go out tonight or something… later