Another road trip

Kyle and I headed out on our quasi-monthly road trip last Saturday. We were heading to Plainfield to Metropolis, and then off to points unknown. How very unknown they would turn out.

We started out Saturday afternoon towards Indy and then to Plainfield. There’s a mall there called Metropolis. It’s huge, tons of stores and even more pedestrians that we had to dodge to drive around the place. It’s one of those open air malls that are becoming so popular around here, though I’m not quite sure why given that it’s winter here for 4 months of the year.

One of the first things we noticed about Plainfield was that everyone seemed to be in a bad mood. There were no smiling faces of consumerism, just blank stares as they made their way about the stores. Plainfield was officially sad. We drove around the mall, decided there was nothing that we really wanted to see and headed off to Starbucks for a tea/bathroom stop. After that we headed to Long John Silvers for a quick bite to eat before we headed out again to the great unknown.

raccoon.jpgWe had seen a place called Raccoon, Indiana on the map and thought maybe we should go check it out. We did, there was nothing there. As you can see from the sign, it’s a small place, in fact some maps don’t even show it, Google Maps had no idea what we were talking about. We drove down a road for a bit, “town” was a few houses on one road followed by an amazingly bumpy gravel road that we soon turned back on.

Since we were sort of close we headed up towards Crawfordsville and a town called Lapland, it was on the map but turns out it didn’t exist at all, not even a sign to take a picture of. Crawfordsville as we found out is home to Wabash College. WC is not in Wabash, it was named for the river, not the town. Who knew?wabashcollege.jpg

Crawfordsville brought a McDonald’s Sweet Tea run and the journey back towards Indy on I-74. Once back in Indy we headed to Trader Joe’s, my new favorite hippie grocery store. I’ll be stopping in there soon enough to pick up some things that I just didn’t want to get since they had to be kept cold and we didn’t know where the rest of the day would take us.

Turns out that the rest of the day was spent at Castleton Mall, followed by a trip to an out of business restaurant and another restaurant that had too long of a wait. We journeyed home and ended our epic road trip to no where. We saw parts of Indiana that few have dared to venture too and I’m sure we’ll never venture too again.

Next time? Richmond, the highest point in Indiana and who knows where after that. Good trip man, I look forward to the next one!

Did someone slip me a rufie or something?

Man, I’m just now getting started with today adn I can tell you right now that I think all of last night is really a blur to me. Like I was on something or something.
I know we played poker, I’m pretty sure that I lost and I’m positive that we played way too late. But we were learning a new way to play so that made it take a while we didn’t want to go out early so we kept folding (John).
I spent the rest of yesterday procrastinating about studying for my Ops Mgmt class. Yeah and then when I did start studying, freaking people kept interupting me. Grr…
It rained all day yesterday, from early early in the morning until sometime very very early this morning. It sucked. We need a fire.
Friday Erin and I hung out in Castleton, I saw and old friend of a friend. Kinda cool I guess.
Saturday I got up late, stayed at home by myself and then finally went out with Erin, Ben and Franki for Chili’s and a movie. MindHunters is dumb. Don’t rent it.
Yeah that’s my weekend… I’d better get to school and stop rambling aimlessly.

It’s the weekend!… (thank goodness)

It’s 4 o’clock on Friday which means that the weekend is only an hour away. I can’t’ for it to be quite honest, things have been so hectic this week; I just need a break and some relaxation time. I’m going to down to Castleton tonight with Erin, dinner and that kind of thing, should be good. The last few days have been ok, just dizzying really. School is going fine right now, HW is still easy and it’s all review for the most part, I’m still just trying to figure out how my professors work so I know how much I need to study and all that. Catch you later…

Another Wonderful Weekend…

I must say that the last few weeks have been some of the most amazing ever, it’s finally summer and we’re finally doing stuff. Lets see where to start, Friday we went out to dinner and then over to Kyle’s nothing too exciting, but fun nonetheless. On Saturday I watched my friend sell his soul to the Guitar Center in Castleton for an amp. A nice one, but holy crap, it was freakin’ expensive. Then Erin and I went out to see Harry Potter with her cousins, good times. Stupid window. Then we went to the hot tub and just relaxed and stuff, parents made us dinner, can’t be a good bloody steak. After watching my first John Wayne movie, I finally went home. Sunday we went back down to Castleton, to the Mongolian BBQ. After figuring out that downtown was a bust and that we were pretty much bored, I was finally excited to see the fireworks. You see to some people the fireworks are just that fireworks. But to me they actually mean something. I feel like it’s actually important to see them each year, I can’t’ explain why or what, but this year with Matt gone made it all the more important to me. He’s called a few times lately, all appears to be well, he’ll be home in like 60 days or something and I honestly can’t wait.
You know what else was great about this weekend? The fact that I had yesterday off too! Didn’t do anything. Well anything important anyways, just played some golf and washed the car. It was pretty cool. It’s nice to be able to turn off your phone and just kick back for the day. We went lifting last night…. holy hell. I didn’t’ lift that much, but we played ball before that and I don’t’ think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life. The crazy thing is that I think I actually lost 2 lbs in the process. I weighed myself on Saturday at 172 and now I’m 170. Of course I realize that 2 pounds could be from the fact that I didn’t eat before I got weighed or something, but still, it’s cool. Now it’s time to bulk up.
I dunno what is going on now, but I am just freakin’ happy all the time. Erin has really just came into my life and made everything wonderful. This weekend is going to be great too; we’re going to the Dunes to see her friends and stuff. I can’t wait.
Sometimes just waiting is the best thing you can do, out with the old, in with the new. Thanks for all you’ve done, perhaps in the future we can help each other again.

I should have wrote this before…

My sweetieOh well though I’ve been amazingly busy the last few days with everything going on with life and all. Well I guess the biggest news is that Erin and I are together, it’s been a whole week now. Things are great. She’s meet the family and can tolerate them and her family is awesome too. I just cant’ get enough of her. She’s one of those people that just fits so well, I’m falling hard and fast again. Who known what will happen, but I’m loving every minute of it.
The other cool stuff that’s been going on is pretty much all of last weekend, what started with a cool dinner at Mongolian Grill and just got better from there. If you’ve never been to one you must go, they are the coolest! Erin’s dad was cool enough to take us all out to dinner and stuff, then we bopped around Castleton for a bit. Then it was off to Chris’ Bachelor party!… heh… to my friend: Thanks for not puking in my car, it was definitely a great time.
On Saturday it was my birthday, heh, and Chris and Terra’s wedding, a great time. I’m glad the two of them finally got everything worked out. You guys are a great couple and the wedding was spectacular, CRCs included. 🙂 After that it was out to dinner with the old gang, well most of it, of course we had new faces too. Jake bought dinner for Erin and I as a birthday gift, a very cool thing to do. After that we did something, I just can’t remember what it was really, oh yeah, we went to Ambyr’s… After getting home at like 330AM and staying up till 4 talking to Erin I was totally dead for the party at my house on Sunday.
Everyone came over for Mexican food that g-ma made. It was amazing. It’s good to have friends that you can invite over to your house and not be afraid of what they might say or do. In the evening Erin and I went out to the lake and just enjoyed the night. I went lifting with the guys and just had a good time all weekend basically. This weekend is looking like it’s going to be as busy as ever too. The Fourth is definitely going to be a good time and now that I may not have to work on Monday I think it’ll be even better. I’ll write more tonight, but I just had to get some of this down while I was thinking about it.
Of course I should say that there still are problems with people out there, some people just can’t be happy for those of us who have finally found someone. I’m not ashamed at all of what I’ve done and what I will do, it’s a real and good thing. Be happy for me or butt out.