A long weekend

Thanksgiving weekend has nearly ended. 4 days of nothing and it was wonderful. I spent Thursday cooking and hanging out with the fam. Nothing out of the ordinary really, same old crap. I did go home early enough to watch the Colts game though, a victory that I honestly wasn’t sure would happen but they came through and pulled it off.

Friday I thought about getting up early to head out for the Black Friday sales, I slept in instead. It was nice to just lounge around for a bit in the morning. I did finally head to town though, got one Christmas present bought and then went to the bank. I was home around 130.  Erin came over later in the day and we headed out for the evening.

We went to Sears, honestly it wasn’t so bad. Sure there were people around, but I didn’t think the crowds were too bad and the cashiers seemed to be moving along fast enough. After that we headed to Texas Roadhouse to meet up with Kyle. A good dinner with a good conversation is always welcome.

There are times that we get so caught up in the world going on around us I think sometimes we forget the little things that make us happy. A nice slow dinner, a great conversation about everything and nothing. Sometimes just being there with friends is much more important than just about anything else that we think is “important” in the world.

I spent Saturday cleaning, Erin came over for dinner and we watched the first two Indiana Jones movies. Just relaxing.

Today I’m watching Season 3 of The Office and doing as little as possible besides laundry so I have clean clothes for work tomorrow.

That’s the weekend. Nothing essentially but it was so rewarding and felt so good too.

A Small Town

As you can see from the pictures below I went to the Pork Festival this weekend. I actually spent about 3 hours there with Kyle and we had a pretty good time actually. It was kind of weird, we spent 3 hours and only covered about 3 blocks 3 times. Now I realize that it might ahve been broing at times, but we saw people we knew, and ate some great pork chops and tenderloins. I even saw someone I hadn’t see since 8th grade and she looked exactly the same as then. I didn’t talk to her because I didn’t like her then and couldn’t imagine how weird it’d be now, but alas it was there.

I noticed a lot of “small town” things while I was there though. Everyone knew everyone else. Every where we walked we saw people running into each other for the first time in months or weeks and just picking up right where they left off. I saw a sign at the hardware store for an “Honor Box,” that’s right even in these days of crime and general malaise, there is an honor box at the hardware store that says, take what you need, tell us who you are, and come settle up tomorrow when we’re here. That is amazing to me. We have stores all around us with security cameras, plain clothes police officers and anti-theft devices, they have a box with a paid of paper on it to leave your name and trust you’ll show up tomorrow with the money. Awesome.

I saw cops hanging out with the citizens, not just making random observations but having real conversations about life, the universe and everything. They were treating people like people not just on the lookout for random acts of crime. I rarely see that anywhere any more.

I really like it here, more and more each time I try something new. The cashier at the grocery store always remembers me and says thank you and pauses just that extra second before handing me my change to make sure that we make eye contact. The people I see on the streets are always happy to say hello when we pass. The old lady downstairs says good morning to me on my way to work, and hello again when I return, it’s never a long conversation but it’s something that I enjoy at little nonetheless. Living in this small town reminds me of what its liek to be a human being. We all need each other and need each other to get through the day. The little things are what make this life worth living.