Work sucks today

Spent all morning doing “extra work” I swear, some people are just born dumb. It’s all better now, at least until Friday.

I have to most amazing craving for Starbucks right now. Not just the tea though, the whole atmosphere, hopfully it’s warm, humid, and not windy, I need some cards outside tonight.

Last Night

Played some poker with the guys last night, I won one game. Finally! It was tough though, a straight to the Queen saved me big time. It was nice to have all the guys around for a good night of poker. No girls, no whining, just cards, cash and tea. Heh, actually:
The starbucks refill mystery has finally been solved. Kinda, I recieved a letter from them today actually. Here’s the text:

Dear Mr. Bollman
Thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.

I apologize for any misunderstanding regarding our refill policy. I am happy to explain that when any beverage is consumed at the store, a customer may purcahse one refill fo brewed coffee, iced coffee or iced tea. A customer is charged the refill price for these beverages only adn the refill must be within one hour of the original purchase at teh same store as the original purchase. If, for example, the refill request is for a hot tea, a customer would be charged the full pice for another cup of hot tea.
Thank you again for contacting Starbucks. If you have any further…(yadda yadda yadda)
Customer Relations

So does that mean if I buy any beverage in the store I am entitled to a coffee (iced or hot) or an iced tea at the refill price? Cause that’s how I read it and that’s how I’m going to pursue it. Last night, before I got this letter, I tried to understand the policy myself and was told by a Starbucks employee that I could only get a brewed coffee beverage, not tea as a refill. I’m going to show him this letter, we’ll see what happens.

In other news, Kyle and John have blogs now, check them out.
I have two tests today, Org Mgmt and Ops Mgmt. You have no idea how much fun it is, let me tell ya. I should do OK, I’ve been studying all morning to catch up on what I missed by playing cards last night. I’d better get back to studying.

It’s been too long again

Jake!It’s been too long since I’ve written anything so this may be pretty long. Last weekend was pretty cool, we did stuff we’ve never done before which was definitely cool. Went to Ben’s on Friday and just chilled. Played a game called SceneIt. If you haven’t played it, go do it right now. It’s awesome. Saturday was better though. Jake and I went to Purdue to hang out with Adam, his friend, and his roommates. It was rocking. Started out as a sausage fest but then a few gals showed up and really it wouldn’t have mattered either way cause I think we had just as much fun as we could have if more people would have been there. Jake is definitely cool, he knows why. We just basically hung out, played cards, made a few late night phone calls, and played PS2 til about 4am. Good times. Sorry to those of you who got calls a bit too late. Proving yet again that it’s a small world, we met a girl from N. Miami who lives about 5 miles from us and is a friend of a friend basically. Mandy came over for a bit too, she didn’t’ stay long but it was cool just to hang out I guess. Sunday, we got up around 4 hours too early; techno in my ear at 930 is not cool. We got some McD’s and then headed home. Sunday night I went to Starbucks and studied for my Law test that I had tonight. Another small world story, James, they guy I hung out with in MS and part of HS is Ben’s cousin… he showed up at Starbucks, I hadn’t seen him since graduation. Monday of course I went to work, and we played ball, then I went over to Matt’s and hung with him. He’s leaving on Thursday, I’m bummed. What do I say? How do you say goodbye to someone for a year when it could be goodbye forever. I’m torn, it’s just an odd feeling knowing that your best friend is going away for a year or more and will be shot at on almost a daily basis. He knows what he’s doing though and he has faith that he’ll be ok so I guess I should be ok with it.
I just got my Law grade 97% that’s definitely cool. I only got an 80% on my brief but that’s ok still have an A in the class. This weekend I hope to go see The Passion of the Christ. It’s getting a lot of good press and bad too unfortunately. I think it’ll probably be something that everyone should see. A lot of people are going to be gone this weekend so it’s kind of a hit or miss thing probably about what I’m doing, I just know that I’m going out and having fun somewhere with someone. I should go do something else now, leave a comment or something….

Minor Changes…

Minor changes to the layout today… Last night was cool.. ran into some old friends from HS and then some friends from IUk showed up.. Played some cards…. watched a guy drink about 6 brews… i only had one thank you! went to Crista’s party before that… it was cool.. just hung out and got to see everyone a bit out of their element… much more relaxed basically… Tonight… i’m goin out… no idea what or where but i’m going. Hopefully more people can come tonight too… There were liek 10 of us last night, but I only liked about 3… Anyways… check out the new front page for and my new stuff on the sidebar here… later