One down 63 days to go

Wow, that seems like a long time. The first day is done though. Lets have a recap:

  • Noon: Arrive at IUK, see that the freshman class is amazingly ginormous and the parking lots are full.
  • Noon 01: Find kick ass parking spot after looking for just 30 seconds, park.
  • Spent the next 25ish minutes looking for any of my friends, none are around until John arrives around 1230.
  • Talked to friends, more show up, head to first class.
  • 1PM: First class, Marketing. Only 12 in the class, 3 are MBA. Thinking that this class will totally suck in a month once I learn that the professor believes he has a wonderful sense of humor, in reality he’s as funny as a dead possom on a cold winter night.
  • 125PM: Give best definition of Marketing that the professor has heard in a while. He quickly squelches it with a humorless joke.
  • 220PM: Class is over (5 minutes late on the first day!), realized that I shouldn’t have drank 32oz of Coke during that class… Must find place to get rid of it.
  • 225PM: Find friends again. All are hungry. Head to BK.
  • 315PM: Back at campus. BK was bad… I’m sick from it. Talk to a few more people while waiting on last class.
  • 4PM: Last class. Intro to American Politics. Cool prof I’m told. He calls on me early in the class and grills me for 20 minutes about the 2nd Amendment. I want to die. Finally he leaves me alone and goes after someone else.
  • 515PM: Class is over. Free pizza in the commons.
  • 530PM: Leave campus feeling sick from half-cold pizza, steak is waiting at home though.
  • 6PM: Home. Steak is tough, pizza was better.
  • 630PM: Clean room. Ugh.

Other things I realized today:

  • A 20oz Coke now costs $1.25 instead of $1, now I have to find an f’ing quarter when I’m thristy.
  • My handwriting has gone way downhill. I can barely read what I write now. I should start typing my notes. I think.
  • One more thing that I can’t remember right now.

So yeah that’s the first day. I’m tired and ready for sleep. I’ll post about tomorrow then, only one class… New prof though, should be interesting and totally boring.

Spending it like I’ve got it…

I went through $20 today I don’t remember how. I woke up got dressed, went to class, bought a coke for $1 on the way in. Went to lunch at BK for $5, came back to school chilled til lab, bought yet another coke after lab, $1. Candy: $1.25. Took Bio test, got 94%. Went to Long John’s, got chicken, more coke. $5. So that’s like a total of: $13.25… Where’s my other $6.75? I have no idea seriously. Secondly, I drink way too much coke when I’m at school without my water bottle and stuff… Gotta get that thing back from erin so my kidneys don’t like fall out or something in the next year. Today was actually pretty good though. I mean I got a 94% on a bio test, what else could you ask for? I dunno… I’m watching MNF and supposed to be doing some math HW, but I’m totally lost for some reason, it’s amazing how not understanding the terminology in a class can really hinder your efforts to study. Oh well off to the races… I have to plan the weekend that isn’t’ here yet…