A true breakfast burrito

BoBurrito - A true breakfast miracle
BoBurrito - A true breakfast miracle

Erin and I went out to Bob Evan’s for breakfast last night. Yep, last night, breakfast. we do that now and then. Both of us just get a craving for some breakfast food, you know, pancakes, bacon, eggs, the whole lot.

We go to Bob Evan’s nearly every time we do that.

Bob Evan’s has finally outdone itself, The Meat Lovers’ BoBurrito! It’s an omlet, filled with sausage, bacon, ham, onions and cheese, wrapped in a tortilla with tomatoes, onions, salsa and then toppedĀ  with queso sauce. Holy crap!

It was amazing! Bob, you’ve outdone yourself this time, a true quasi-american classic. I wonder if they serve something simillar in Cancun? Just kidding, I know only the fine people at Bob’s could come up with that fine masterpiece of food.

I finished it, got completely stuffed and miserable, but it was good and satisfied my craving for breakfast for at least another 6 weeks or so.

A huge Midol?

Just a quick post while I’m at lunch today:

  • Facebook failed me again, it’s too bothersome for me lately. I don’t want to find out which Disney Princess I am, I don’t care about a knighthood or a poke. Writing on my wall is enough for me, the messages? Please I have to check my email to see I have a message then go to the message to read it. How about this: EMAIL ME! Also if you don’t already, get a website, you find me here, I’ll find you there. Inspired almost entirely by Dan Klass.
  • Is the whole world PMS’ing today? Seriously everyone has an attitude or is at least in a bad mood and I’m about sick of it all. I just about can’t stand to be near annoy today. They don’t listen and when they talk it’s all attitude. Get over it people, it’s Monday. I can’t remember the last Monday that I woke up early (45 minutes early), ate breakfast before taking a shower and even had a cup of coffee while reading through the news online. I was happy this morning dangit! Stop ruining it!

Just another day at the office I suppose…

Because I can’t seem to focus now

Since I seem to be unable to focus this morning I spent some time looking around on Twitter. Found this, did it, no surprise really. It’s going to be a long day, I’ll post about the weekend later, I just want to have a snack and go to bed now. I should have eaten breakfast.

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Hardee’s: A love is rekindled

HardeesI have to admit it, I’m in love with Thickburgers and Hardee’s in general. I went there for lunch today for the second time in two weeks after about a 10 year absence. You see back in the day, 10-15 years ago, Hardee’s was the place to go in Peru. They had the Moose cups, the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever seen and it was just the place to go. I’m talking about old Hardee’s, way before Thickburgers, way before frisco anything, back when the place was known for its amazing made-from-scratch biscuits and gravy and all the other great breakfast stuff they had. thickburger.jpgNow Hardee’s is a lunch/dinner destination, one because that’s when I’m usually near one and two because I’m rarely near one anywhere near breakfast time. I had my second ever Thickburger today, last week it was the Six-Dollar Burger, today it was the 2/3rd pound Thickburger. Holy crap this thing was huge! I mean it was almost too big to eat, almost. I managed to finish it off and even choke down a few fries to boot. I think I’ve found a new burger joint. McDonald’s will always have a place in my heart, double cheeseburgers and QPCs, BK has been making me ill lately and Wendy’s has never been my favorite place although I do enjoy it now and then. Hardee’s you are my new friend. I’m sure that anything I eat there isn’t healthy at all for me, I honestly don’t care, it tastes really good and seems to almost be sort of fresh, more so that McDonald’s by far. If you haven’t checked out Hardee’s lately, give it a shot.

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Why did I get out of bed?

OK so today I got up bright and early at 6, I had to get to work early, plus I wanted to take some time this afternoon to get some new clothes for school. Turns out, I should have just stayed in bed.
First thing off, someone else was in the shower, so I had to wait around for them to get done so I could get in. Shower, done. Breakfast, done. Out the door, in the car. Driving to work in the rain, what could be more fun? I got into W-field, stopped at the Post Office to check the mail, woo hoo, got my new cell phone holster. Into work, nothing much going on here, fixed a computer that was jacked up in 10 sec.
Then the fun begins, I headed off around lunch time to Carmel to get some jeans… Clay Terrace, hub of capitalism for every young suburbanite in Central Indiana. I head for AE, thinking “Hey they might have a clearance or something.” Of course they didn’t, but none-the-less I found a pair that I liked, actually they were one size smaller than I thought I would need, so that had me feeling better about myself overall.
Once I left there, I went to Aeropostale, the place that used to be the best place to find a bargain on stuff like jeans, hoodies, and t’s. Not the case anymore, Aero wanted the same price for jeans that AE did, not cool.
Also on a side note, never wear your Doc’s to try on jeans, you have to untie them, unlace them a bit, and then do the reverse once you’re done trying stuff on. I could have saved like 15min. had I just worn tenny’s today.
Anyway, off to Old Navy for more basic bargain hunting. Cripes, every mom and little kid was there. I mean all of them. I had one lady in the doorway, going through her purse looking for God-knows-what for her screaming bratty bastard kid. Then I finally get inside, the place is a nightmare.
I quickly scour the aisles for stuff I might want, jeans 2 for $40, good enough. I grab two of my size and dart for the fitting rooms, cause although I hate trying stuff on, I really hate taking stuff back. Every freakin’ aisle was jammed with more screaming kids and more moms just parking their carts in the aisles. I don’t mean the big main aisles either, no no no, they parked in the in-between aisles that you use to avoid bastard screaming kids and their cart toting moms. I mean really, who needs a cart at Old Navy? It’s not like you’re stocking up on jeans, polos, and a 64 count of Charmin two-ply. Its clothes, use your freakin arms!
Finally in the fitting room also heavy a shirt I saw while trying to get around moms with carts, the shirt fits, the pants don’t, too big again!
I get out of the fitting rooms, get the right size of pants and head for the checkout. A freakin’ gymnastics group must have been in the store cause 3 damn brats are running around climbing on everything including one that was swinging his arms and hit me. I gave him “the look” and he was quickly scurried away. Finally the mom-who-doesn’t-pay-attention-to-her-bastard-gymnast-arm-swinging kids got her crap and headed out. A cartwheel was performed on the way down the checkout line. I just wanted to scream!
I greet the cashier after being greeted. Thinking I’m home free. Wrong. Remember those jeans 2 for $40. Yeah, that’s non-clearance only, not mentioned on the sign anywhere. But that wasn’t really the problem here’s the problem. I got a pair of jeans for $29.50 and a pair marked $19.99 (clearanced from $24.50). I just wanted to pay $40 and get 2 pairs. I finally had to show the guy (he probably has or was a bastard arm-swinging gymnast child) that $29.50 + $19.99 was less than $40 and that he should knock off $9.49 to make it square. “But it’s on clearance” he said, “The non-clearance pair over there (exactly the same pair of jeans sans a pink sticker) is more and I just want 2 for $40.” I finally won. Of course I first had to refuse to sign up for an Old Navy charge, cause we all need a credit card to every freakin’ store. Isn’t one Visa/MC good enough anymore? 10% off of $50 isn’t worth the time it would take me to figure out how to cancel the piece of crap card anyway.
Out of Old Navy, headed back to work. Raining like a mofo. Stopped at Wendy’s for some lunch. The line was a mile long, but I waiting patiently. I should have heard them all whispering “sucker!” after finally arriving at the clown face thingy to order. I was greeted not with, “Hi, may I take your order?” but instead I got “Hi, Welcome to Wendy’s home of some stuff and we are currently featuring something else, would you like to try a frosty or a value meal today” Me: after awaking from my nap, “No, thanks” Just a Spicy Chicken add ketchup and mustard. “Would you like to make it a value meal?” “No, Martha, I want chicken on a bun, with ketchup and mustard, no fries, no drink, can you handle that?” I pulled forward, paying with my credit card, the Visa one, not the Wendy’s/Old Navy/AE/Best Buy/whatever else company always wants you to get their freakin credit cards, the man who took it looked like he was trying to memorize the numbers so he could buy Russian anime porn on the ‘net later tonight. I uneasily accepted it back and headed to the next window. Before I could even stop the car, my food was thrust upon me like some kind or Orwellian assembly line. My coke quickly followed. I headed back to work.
They didn’t get the chicken right!
Defeated by the whole of society, I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon playing with this site and just jackin’ around in general.