Like a one-armed paper hanger

Bananas, Oranges, and Yukon Golds

Man I’ve been busy the last few days.

Yesterday and today were incredibly hot at work, the heat index was over 90 by 10am today. That’s insane! I think it was up near 100 later in the day too. Thankfully some rain came by and it got a bit cooler.

Green Beans, Cukes, Berries, and Romaine, the dog bones were ours.

Erin has been a little sick so up until today its been a little hectic at home too. Probably the biggest news around our house is Hoosier Organics, we signed up this week and got our first box yesterday. The gist is that you sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fruits and/or vegetables that are organic and as local as possible, so you’ll get seasonal stuff as well. This week we got oranges, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, yukon gold potatoes, romaine, green beans, and cucumbers. All delivered right to our door, bi-weekly in our case. I had an orange today at work, perfectly sweet and tart at the same time. We had the green beans and yukon golds tonight, man they were good. I sampled the berries last night and they were pretty good too. I think so far they are doing a great job for us.

I’ve wondered lately about my former writings here in parable. Is it just passe? Is writing this, writing in that rhetorical voice just overdone and tired? I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the transition from a free writing space to a daily journal here, perhaps it can be more of both, individual posts could be a combination of both or just one type of writing.

I’m heading to Ohio tomorrow for work, should be a nice drive, not sure what I’ll get into when I get back. I don’t even know if I have plans this weekend yet, I’ll find something to do I’m sure.

It’s all finally unpacked!

Yesterday was the day that I finally got everything unpacked. I know I’ve been living here for just over a week now but I still have some boxes sitting around in the bathroom and bedroom that needed attention. Most of it was non-essential stuff, just things that needed to be put on shelves and the like. Now though, I’m done. It’s all over and I’m here to stay. I can’t say enough about how quite and non-bothersome my neighbors are, I barely know they are even here.

I like it here. It’s nice to just relax and do my own thing when I want to. Right now I’m sitting outside with a glass of tea and my laptop just enjoying a cool summer night. Nothing could be better it seems. Except the mosquitos and other little bugs buzzing around the light of the screen.

The last week at work has been busy and hard. We’ve gotten a lot done but I think that people’s nerves are about shot. We’re just busy and that’s good but busy also means that mistakes are more likely to happen, and we’ve made a few.

This blog has been neglected lately, I just haven’t felt the urge to post that much honestly. Life is going on how it always done, minus the move and new apartment. I still do what I’ve always done, it just doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to and at the same time I’m still having fun and enjoying  myself. I can’t say to you that I’ll post a whole lot in the coming weeks and months but stay tuned, there will be updates from time to time. I’m sure those of you that are still here are reading what I write, I just don’t seem to have much to write anymore. Alas in time, I’m sure that the world will work itself out and I’ll post 3 times a day again.