Somethin’s not quite right today

Today was a very long day for some reason, here’s the run down:

I woke up around 10ish this mroning and read the morning paper. Finally got my act together and headed to school around 130ish, that’s where everything kinda got weird to me. I went straight to the library to work on my marketing paper/presentation that has been horrible thus far. I finally got a study room to have some peace and quiet and get things done. I almost got my paper done in the library, just a bit of cleaning left to do. I headed out to get a bite to eat and wash my car. When I got back I met Kyle and John in the cafeteria, things were weird for some reason. It wasn’t them, it was me. For some reason over the past few days things just haven’t seemed right with me. Being around people is just a bit odd lately. I dunno. Anyways I went to classes tonight, boring presentations mostly, thank God we got out early.
I came home, finished the paper entirely, got everything printed out and now I’m here.

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong but even as I sit here and type this, somethin’s just not quite right today…

I found it… Kyle did actually…

I got my cross back, you know the one I posted about earlier here. Kyle apparently found it at his house today. Thanks Kyle, you saved me.
Also of note today, I think I’m over stressed. I keep getting a bit of chest pain now and then when I’m stressed out. Not heart attack pain, just a bit of pain I guess. I’m also having pretty common acid reflux… This sucks…
#2 or three if you’re counting. I sketched today all during class, the class was boring I didn’t miss anything really. I can’t draw really, I used to be really good, now I’m not so good…
I gotta find something else to do tonight instead of being on this site…

Why Huey? Why?

Test #2 went well too… I was done in 15 minutes though, I actually think that was too long considering it was 20 questions, most were poorly worded though. I thought I was home free and on my way after the test. That is until the prof said that we were watching a movie and needed to stay, the movie was about Huey Long. Good grief! This movie was clearly made in the 1970’s, clothes and styles were apparent. I’m not sure of the purpose of this movie, I don’t see how it really related to anything we’re talking about, the prof was just showing it because he liked it perhaps. Maybe he thought it should have gotten an Oscar/Emmy nod or something… I give it 3-thumbs down, you figure out the 3.
I’m off to finish watching MNF, the pre-game fight was kinda cool.
Podcast coming soon, I promise.

Day 2 and I hate reading!

OK say Day 2 of IUK is done.
I went to work this morning after totally struggling to get out of bed for some reason. Work was work, so much so that I left early.
Got to school way early, went to eat at Sonic. Got back, talked to “the girls” for a while. Got all that caught up. I’m up to date on SoB gossip now I guess.
Finally went to class. Boring, who the freak takes 70 minutes to go over the syllabus?! I’ve had this prof before though, so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.
After class I headed home and sat for a bit just to relax.
Now I’m sitting here trying to study for tomorrow. I’ve got about 150 pages to read. I realize that there’s no way that we’re going to cover all of that tomorrow in 2 classes, but I don’t know either of these profs very well yet and since I got grilled in one class already and the other class only has 11 in it, I’m sure that I need to be at least some what prepared. I’ve got about 50 pages of Poli and prolly 30 pages of Mktg left. Oh joy. Better get back to it, TV makes it really hard to pay attention to the book too.