A boring week…

…to say the least.
I just felt like I did nothing productive the last half of this week.
It got my mojo completely messed up, I hate not having my “regular schedule.” It’s not so much the schedule though that bothers me, it’s that I psyche myself up for work, ready to go get after whatever the day will bring. Then I do nothing. Drives me nuts!
I’ve been off all weekend too for the same reason, I think I got it back a little bit today but tomorrow is a new day, I just hope it sticks.

I’m working on rebuilding my main desktop downstairs right now, just backing up everything and double checking that I’ve got it all. Then comes the wonderful task of setting everything back up, iTunes playlists and junk, Quicken files, bookmarks, and the 300GB of data that I have to move around, that takes forever to move around via USB.
I really need to clean out my data, consolidate my hard drives and organize myself better. At least for data recovery efforts.
I’d better get back to backing up.

The oxen lived!

Things were a bit slow at work today. I played some Oregon Trail at Virtual Apple 2 and did pretty good if I do say so myself. I was a Carpenter, leaving in March. I did stick around MO for a bit until March 11 to leave on the trail and took my time, bought plenty of food but kept some cash for buying more food later and I hunted a lot. I’m proud to say I finally beat Oregon Trail from 1987!

Surely things around here are going to pick up soon. Honestly I’m bored on a daily basis here. I’m thinking about leaving right now cause I haven’t done much of anything this afternoon. I have like 3 things left on my punch list for the day, I can get them done in about 20 minutes if I go slow enough. Things are on the horizon but just not here yet.

I’ve gotten most of the John Adams mini-series on my AppleTV now, it’s about time to start watching it I think. Over 8 hours long, it’s going to take a bit of time. Praise Jebus for Netflix, you make it so easy to get tons of non-expiring movies on to my AppleTV without any effort what so ever.

At work again…

…bored as all get out. I’ve done everything there is to do. I even called my insurance guy to find how the heck I’m goign to keep my health insurance after this fiasco with St. Vincent’s and Anthem is over. Something about St. V’s doesn’t like the way that Anthem is paying so they are kicking them out. Trying to kill a giant with another giant basically. It’s screwing everyone in the middle though. All of my doctors are St. V’s and they always have been. I don’t want to try to find a new doc, eventhough I haven’t been to a doctor in quite a few years. I hate insurance.
In other news:
Well there really is no other news. I’m playing poker with the guys tonight, maybe that’ll give me something to write about.

I think I’m done for now

I’ve gotten most of the work done on the sidebars and stuff that I’m happy with the site for now. Now I just have to update and stuff more. Look for more updates in the coming weeks, I think just the newness of this site will make me happy to use it again. Feel free to leave some comments and let me know what you think.

Sitting in the quad part 2…

You would have read part 1 if I hadn’t been kicked offline just as I was posting it and lost it all. So this post is a rehash of the randomness from 15 minutes ago.
Bored. That’s pretty much what I’ve been all day today. There isnt’ much going on and I don’t have that much to do. I’m sitting out in the quad just chillin. Playing with the laptop that Erin’s dad bought me yesterday. I’m truly honored by all of them actually. They took me into their family almost immediately and made me feel more welcome than I ever have before. Good things are going to happen, I can tell.
Yesterday I went over to Erin’s and we chilled in the hot tub for a bit. It was like 130 so I think my heart stopped a few times. Actually, when we got out and went in I was still sweating for like an hour or so. Not cool.
I got home at like 1230ish and tried to go straight to bed cause I wasn’t feeling good from the tub. At 3 I finally got up and ate half a bag of Doritos and felt much better, and finally feel straight to sleep. After 6 hours I got up and went to class… yea…
It’s one of those perfect autumn days today, the days with a light breeze and the perfect temperature. All you can hear is the rustling of the leaves and a car driving past now and then. Perfect. Almost perfect anyways… They just started up a man-lift so now instead of hearing leaves, I hear a diesel engine revving and idling… what fun.
I think I’m like vitamin deficient or something right now cause all I’ve been doing lately is craving fruit or something like that. Maybe I should go get some from the cafe… mmm… transfat free fruit….
Anyways I guess that’s enough of this rambling…. I’m going to find a banana…