In a fog

I’ve been trying to write this post for a long time now, since November actually. It seems that when I go out and do just about anything I’m totally in a fog to what’s going on around me. When I’m out with the guys, Erin, or just by myself. I’m totally just in my own world. Sure I particpate and interact with the world around me but at times I feel like everything is just passing me by for some reason. For example, Wednesday night I had some time to kill and I needed to eat dinner so I headed to my favorite grease pit for some chicken and noodles and some time with a good book.
I arrived, ordered some food and almost instantly the piping hot noodles and potatoes were there, I love that place for that very reason. Good cheap food, fast. After I finished my meal I started to read and enjoy a cup of coffee, black coffee, nothing foo foo about it. As I was reading I found myself totally engrossed in the story and the characters of the book. I looked at my watch after a while, still had an hour to kill, back to the book. The next thing I knew it was 10 minutes past time to leave and I had not realized that anything had happened around me. As I looked up from the book I noticed that the scene of the restaurant had changed entirely, when I had arrived the place was full of old people enjoying a quiet meal, maybe 8 other people there total. After reading though, there were at least 40 people there, the place was packed with more old people, a few families and even some single people just looking for a hot meal on a cold night. When did the scene suddenly change, where was I?
I get this feeling nearly everyday it seems. I just space out from the rest of the world most of the time and spend my days in a fog of my own thoughts. I think of the great mysteries of life, you know, the obvious ones like Who are we? Where are we going? What is Spam really made of? I just think about everything all the time. I feel like sometimes I’m missing the most important things…Those that are right in front of me.


OK so it’s time for my twice yearly grip session about textbooks. I just got back from the bookstore where I spent over $500 on 4 books and a CD. Yes that’s $500…American Dollars. I just don’t get it, I sold my books back last semester and of course they only bought one and it was “worth” $30… WTF! I had to buy one book for each class next semester, ranging from $150 for my capstone marketing class, to 95 for my IB2 class… Then the bastards made me buy a CD of a “strategy game” for IB2 that was $45… For what?! I know that we’re not going to use that CD more than once or twice and we’re probably not going to learn a single flippin thing once we do finally use it. I try to buy used books now, of course I went a week later than half of the university apparently cause there were no used books for half the classes. Honestly, these classes are upper level business classes, 20 students or less each semester, they should have an adequate amount of used books to go around! You know why they don’t, new editions! Yeah that’s right, the 7th edition had a semicolon where a comma should have been, you need to buy the 8th edition now and we only have new books in stock. ARRGGGHHH!
In other news today, I have the Laverne and Shirley theme song stuck in my head, how annoying is that?
And we’ll do it our way, yes our way.
Make all our dreams come true.

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God’s Debris

This is a great book by Scott Adams. The same guy that writes the Dilbert comics, this is not a humor book. Check this out, it’s short enough to read in an afternoon. I read it in about an hour last night actually. It’s about questioning everything, from existence to God, truly amazing. The cool thing is you can buy it from Amazon or you can just download the PDF and have it for free.
This is a must read for anyone feeling like they need to take a step back and look at life a little differently.

I enjoy the noisy silence

Sitting here, reading, the music became a white noise, unintelligable from anything else going on. The beats enveloped me as I left this world and fell into the book.

I read last night, that’s it just read. Actually I frantically searched for a hat and gloves, but after that and some food, I read. I’m reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel, so far so good. I put the TV on one of those music channels, Soft Classical actually, and tuned into my book. I finally got tired and went to sleep. It was honestly the best night I’ve had in a week or so.

So it goes

Wow. I totally turned my evening around. First off, right after I posted about being sick, I went upstairs in the library, put in my headphones, listened to a little Rob Costlow and started reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Quite possibly the greatest I’ve read in a long time. After about half an hour I called Erin and then went to the Breakfast House. I sat down, got a cup of coffee and continued reading. I read the **whole thing**, all 275 pages of it. Read this book!
I drank an amazing amount of coffee, I honestly lost track of how many cups I had in an hour and a half. I also enjoyed some people watching while I was there, nothing exciting, just people going about their lives. It’s fun to see how people act when they think no one is watching.
I honestly don’t think I could have been more relaxed than I was tonight. I was away from everything and it felt great. I had my music, a great book, and just peace and quiet. I loved every minute of it.
Of course after the Breakfast House I headed to Starbucks to enjoy a nice game of Poker with Jake, John, Kyle, and Orion. I lost, quickly, but it was still fun. I’m home now and headed to bed… I still feel like crap.
BTW, thanks for letting me borrow the book Danielle, a true classic, I loved every page.

I found it…Buried under crap

Remember that CD I lost? I found it. Apparently I got it from Ben back in April or May, then I lost it. Well, I was cleaning the other night. I twas a long night of cleaning. I filled a 55 gallon trash bag…As I was throwing out old magazines I came to a pile from May… there it was. Now I have the CD that I never really lost but have already copied to my hard drive. Maybe it’ll get me more money when I sell the book back.