Gotta get back at this…

There’s been so much going on the last few days this might just be a dump post to catch everything up, I’ll probably miss a bunch too.

My birthday was last Saturday, the 28th year, it’s already begun and I feel like it shouldn’t be here yet. I feel like I’m getting older but not moving forward as fast as I always thought I would. I guess I just feel old or something and don’t know how/where to push forward right now. I’m sure in 20 years I’ll look back and wish I wouldn’t have pushed forward so much.

I wonder if I’ll still be writing then?

Saturday, Erin and I went out on the town so to speak, not a fancy thing, just out and about in Indy. We don’t do that much anymore, life gets in the way too much. We went to an auction first thing in the morning but didn’t stay long because things were just going for way too much money. After that we went to get her a new iPhone 3GS, I got my iPhone 4 Friday so she was itching for a new one too I think. We’re both pretty happy with each of our choices. We stopped at Lowes next and bought a new microwave, we had to do it, our old one took like 3 minutes to cook pizza rolls, now we can do it in 1. Then we went home, installed the new microwave, and chilled for a bit. Dinner at Logan’s and a quick grocery trip rounded out our day.

Sunday was my official birthday party or whatever you want to call it, family dinner basically. We had a good time. I did a good deed, and honestly it made me feel like I was making a difference and helping out someone who really needed it. I love that feeling. That selfless giving feeling that you get when you go out of your way to make a miracle happen for someone.

Last night, I went out with Kyle for a traditional guys night dinner, Hacienda and Best Buy. Had a pretty good time there too.

Work: What can I say about work other than it’s been stressful at times and dead at other times. Just not into talking about it now I guess.

Its odd to have old friends coming back into the picture now, we’ll see how that goes.

Courtney just headed off to Tasmania, it’s going to be a while before she gets back. I hope we can pick up right where we left off when she gets back.

I’d better get going… more forthcoming, including July 4th plans.

Why I’ll never buy Dell from Best Buy

Basically, much of the service and support for machines purchased at Best Buy will be handled by them. All Dell products sold through Best Buy will come standard with a 1-year warranty. The return policy is 14 days, and are handled according to Best Buy’s return policy. You can purchase extended warranties through Best Buy, and if you do, they will be responsible for support during the extended warranty period.

We’ve authorized both the Geek Squad and Best Buy to provide support for the Dell systems you’ve purchased there. So if you have questions or problems with a system you purchased, contacting Best Buy is the way to go. However, customers who buy Dell systems through Best Buy can still contact Dell for basic troubleshooting and support.

Direct2Dell – Dell’s Blog

In case you weren’t aware, Dell has recently begun (or is it began?) selling their computers in retail outlets like Best Buy and Staples. This is just another way for them to sell their products and penetrate the market even further (or is it farther?). I think it’s great, I usually recommend and purchase Dell products, and have done that for the last 10 years or so. After reading this today I feel that I may have to qualify my recommendations now, only buy from Dell direct or you’ll be stuck with the Geek Squad as your tech support. I loathe Geek Squad, they are sales people who have technical knowledge, their purpose is to sell products and services that may or may not be necessary to unsuspecting customers that think someone in a white shirt and skinny tie must be a geek.

I’ve had my share of problems with Dell support, I even got a computer that was DOA once. All of my problems were taken care of satisfactorily and quickly. I can’t imagine what Geek Squad would have done, a bad power supply is not something they test for I’m sure until well after I’ve become mad about the entire process and gone off in the store.

I think Dell should reevaluate this strategy, selling in retail locations is good, market penetration in an  industry of extremely low markup and high competition is great. Giving up a little bit of your core competency to get into new markets is not though. I fear they will be pushing the product without the service that users like me have been speaking of for the past 10 years plus, a computer is a commodity, the service and reliability are what you are buying. In my opinion Geek Squad cannot provide either, I hope Dell will come to their senses.

Vacation Day 1

I took off the rest of the year from work (except for 15 minutes via the web on Friday/Saturday at the end of the month). 11 days of no work basically. I have some plans, painting, relaxing, cleaning, etc. I’m going to try to blog about each day at it goes.

I planned to wake up early today, head to the bank and then head out to finish my Christmas shopping before it got too crazy out. Didn’t happen. I woke up at 1045, I finally got out of the house at 1130, the bank closes at 12 and it’s 35 minutes away. I made it to the bank. Then I headed off to the mall. Everyone else got up before 1045 or didn’t have to go to the bank because they were already there.

I think I literally walked a quarter mile to get in the place. I headed to my first stop, sold out. Second stop, long lines but they had what I needed. Third stop, longer lines but they have staggard lines (half close to the door, half a little farther back) I ran to one of the closer to the door ones, around about 6 other people, and got out quickly. Did I break a rule or some kind of social more by doing that? I don’t care particularly, it’s Christmas time and it’s every man for themself.

I’m back home now and totally just relaxing, while doing some laundry, I need to clean the house but I’m just not in the mood today. Maybe late tonight or tomorrow, or next week.


After outting update: Erin and I went out with Kyle tonight. We ran into my grandparents and they even bought us dinner.  Nice. We headed out to Best Buy and the mall. It’s always an adventure, though we didn’t go to Penney’s for towels (inside joke). All in all it was a pretty good time. It’s raining out now but the night was great with great friends and always interesting conversation.

Christmas Vacation is on Tivo now, my favorite holiday movie after A Christmas Story. What can I say, I’m a little demented. I’ve enver seen White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life, so I go with what I know. Heading to bed soon so I can do nothing tomorrow but football and chillin’.

I’m loving life right now…

It’s one of those days again where I want to be alone but it’s not because I’m like mad or anything, I just want to chill for a bit. Went to Best Buy today, bought The Simpsons: Gone Wild, The Star Wars Triolgy and a new router. Now I’m chilling in the library watching an episode of The Simpsons and surfing…
Yesterday I went to work… what work it was… We poured 13 square of cement… Actually i just helped spread it around, I’m not that great with a float. But it was still a lot of work. Today I got up a bit late, made it to school on time though, went to lunch at Applebees and then headed to Best Buy….
Anyways though, just thought I should post something today since it’s been a few.