Wow… What a day

Today is the day before the big *new* snow storm comes. They are saying another 6-9″ again. We got about 7″ last weekend so I’m not sure where it’s all going to go.

I went to Dayton again this morning, another load that went out with plenty of lifting to unload. I think I hurt my back a bit. It was a nice sunny day though so I did actually enjoy the drive.

After work got new tires on the truck and Erin’s car, got a great deal at Tire Barn and we were in and out pretty fast.

I’m gonna go check out the latest weather gossip, watch some tube and head to bed.

Because I can’t seem to focus now

Since I seem to be unable to focus this morning I spent some time looking around on Twitter. Found this, did it, no surprise really. It’s going to be a long day, I’ll post about the weekend later, I just want to have a snack and go to bed now. I should have eaten breakfast.

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It just didn’t go right today

Today was one of those days that started out with great promise and didn’t seem to materialize like I had hoped. I woke up early enough, not really wanting to get out of bed, but I did and got moving a little quicker than usual actually. I even had time to pack a lunch that was slightly nutritious, a few sandwiches and some yogurt and fruit. I headed out a bit early for work and stopped at the PO to send off some Netflix stuff that was a bit overdue to be sent back (over a week for one movie is a bit long for me actually.

Once I was at work, I got straight to work on my usual have-to-get-it-done tasks, those were actually done early and taken care of with no worries. Then the walls came crashing down, I tried to fix a problem quickly and got distracted during a critical point of the process and forgot the most important step in fixing it, I forgot to flip everything upside down. I said that situations must be dealt with or accepted. I tried to deal with it too haphazardly and messed up, big. We cut all of our parts upside down to protect the finish of the piece. The machine operator assumed I had flipped it, didn’t double check me and cut the part backwards. $750 in material, let alone labor down the tubes. A costly mistake, not only did I ruin the piece but I created another bottleneck down the line when the new material comes, we have to find time to put it in for the customer, we have no time right now because we are slammed for some reason. It seems a bit odd for this time of year to be busy for us but we are busier than ever it seems. I spent most of last week worrying that we were going too fast and making too many mistakes, I made a huge one. That just sucks.

I was frustrated with myself for doing exactly what I had said others were doing. I was frustrated that it put us farther behind and I was frustrated that one problem had become two and the costs associated with it were growing by the hour. I’m not in trouble for it, but I still feel disappointed with myself.

I just couldn’t seem to get the rest of the day to “click” after that. Nothing seemed to feel right. Someone is going to be very unhappy tomorrow, on a much larger scale than me. I feel responsible for that as well, the decisions that I influence on a daily basis are scary sometimes. Looking at a business as numbers and pieces of paper is much different than looking at the people in the business and how they are affected by the decisions made from those numbers and papers. What will be done, must be done though and I think my advice and the decisions made from it are sound ones. I just don’t like thinking about the negatives like that.

Even tonight something just felt out of sync for some reason. Even sitting here, something’s just not right about today. I think I’m going to just go to bed and hope that tomorrow goes much smoother than today.

It’s almost Spring (Break!)

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain boucing off my windows. I just didn’t want to get out of my warm bed basically and face the day. Unfortunately we all have our burdens, mine today is work. I headed out into the unusually warm morning air, the rain had stopped. It was humid, sticky, warm, comfortable. I love it. I felt like on of those spring mornings, you know, the ones that show up around Easter? I love those mornings. Sadly it’s raining again, the wind has picked up. I can’t help but think that spring is in our midst and just beginning to show itself.

Only a few days now until the cruise, everyone is getting excited, stressed, and ready to go…

Friday Five

  1. What is the oldest object in the room with you? A dresser from when I was little
  2. What is the newest? A sweater I bought Wednesday
  3. What is your favorite object in the room with you? The bed
  4. What is the most valuable object?My computers probably, I have some basketball cards that are pretty valueable though…
  5. What is the ugliest object?That same dresser… Tea stains from many glasses sitting up there for a long time

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I’m awake again…

It’s only 12:20ish… But I’ve been trying to go to bed since 10. What the heck is wrong with me last night I didn’t want to sleep at all, today all I wanted was to crawl in bed, now that I’m there, I can’t sleep! Ahhh! I haven’t felt “right” today really. Something just hasn’t been right all day. Everything was just a bit off. I didn’t see anyone at school until I left and saw John. I got a haircut so that may have thrown things off. I dunno but I’m sick of today already, things need to get back to normal.

Will someone turn down the freakin’ heat in here!

I’m done!

OK not totally but I just finished my 6 page Philo paper finally. Woo hoo! The only thing that I have left to do is take my finals, and study for them obviously. I’m excited that I’m one week from done though. Things have been really good lately. Communication is the key to everything. I went to Bible study tonight, Proverbs 27, found out that I’m probably a horrible person as it turns out, but there are things that I am doing right so it’s all good. I have to go to 3 out of 4 classes tomorrow, should be a breeze really… Can’t think of any reason why I should go at all other than just to find out what’s going to be on my finals. The good news also is that I’m doing really well this semester, might bring my 3.23 up to a 3.5 after all… woo hoo again. Anyway it’s late… I really should be in bed… My head is fried.