I really don’t post enough

I was checking the stats today, I actually haven’t really done that since April of this year. I’ve been a slacker lately, both here and in life. Time for change. I’ll be updating the site over the next few days, mostly plugin updates and prep for the new WordPress 2.4 updates due later this month.

But I also have to post more, even just the little nothings that I look back on and don’t understand sometimes. I’m gonna figure out how to post more, iPhone, laptop, desktop, Twitter, Del.icio.us, all of them give me a way to post, I just have to take more advantage of them.

Get ready, something’s comin’.

Some quick stats

I havne’t provided any stats for a while, here’s April:

  • 2,335 visits / 294.9 per day
  • 51,680 hits / 1,722.67 per day
  • Only 15 blog posts
  • Interesting Search Terms
    • church slogans (7)
    • woman ass (4) Better than man ass I guess.
    • massachusetts favorit dinner called dinner of u.s.a (3) 3 people spelled favorite wrong? Wow.
    • riding lawn mower pregnant hurts (2) Umm…

An interesting month really, the most visits ever, just beating January 2007 by about 80. I like seeing the consistent number of visitors each month of 2000-2500. Tell your friends, keep commenting and keep blogging on your own sites.