What do you want for lunch?

So its another Monday at work, busy but not entirely so. I’m working, but not entirely so. I’m debating the merits of the Roomba and power consumption slightly on Twitter, keeping up on the news and jamming to some old tunes.

ketchup.jpgWe had an install in Kokomo this morning. Since the crew was coming back around lunchtime that meant it was the perfect opportunity to get Louie’s for lunch. Bakes. There’s really no good way to describe it, a hamburger rolled like a hot dog, simmered in sauce, put on a bun with chili sauce, mustard and onions, served hot and greasy. The true measure of a good bake is when the grease goes all the way through the wax paper and stains the counter. Mmm-hmmm, that’s good stuff!

I’m taken back to the days. Those days. Working downtown and walking down to Louie’s old store on my lunch. Passing the lawyers and bankers to sit at the counter and be served by Louie’s granddaughters who were either just old enough or nearly so, staring just a little too long at them. The times getting a coke in a bottle and spending less than five bucks on lunch. I’m not talking about 40 years ago, I’m talking about 4 or 5 years ago. Those were the days.

So it’s late afternoon now, I’ll be leaving for the game soon and then to relax on the couch. It’s been an eventful day, I’m full of bakes and wonderment about the looming “snow storm” we have coming.

Last time there was “a huge freakin’ blizzard coming,” it turned out to be about 2 inches of heavy wet slush, I went to work and school was only delayed a few hours. Tonight is another of the same, instead of making huge preparations, I’m planning on being at work on time, only taking a few minutes to clean off the car and not worrying about traffic being snarled across the countryside.

Dear Mr. Weatherman,
Make up your mind about the snow, is it coming, how much, when, and when will it stop?

Thanks, you’re friend

I’ve posted long enough today I suppose. I’m not saying I’m going to try to post more, I’d just end up not posting and looking like a liar. This way I only look like a slacker.

Drama in the library

I’m sitting here in the library as is always the case on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It’s cool and quiet, mostly. There is a man laying on a corner couch snoring, this man is probably one of the most annoying people I’ve ever seen. He’s in my MIS class too, always the one who tries to relate the topic of the class to his chosen profession, healthcare. I mean I understand that this is a campus is about as varied as they come, young, old, all colors. There are people here who are straight out of high school and people here that are elderly and merely coming here because they never got the chance to go to college in their youth. This man however is freaking annoying just about everyone here… A 30-something man just got up and asked the snoring man to either stop snoring or move. Perhaps a fight will occur between two middle-aged men after class in the parking lot. He’s leaving… thank goodness. Go sleep elsewhere, there are plenty of benches somewhere else on campus.
I also want to add that today is probably one of the hottest days in the last month or so. Weatherbug only says it’s 84, and the humidity is 40% but still it wasn’t this hot back in July when summer is supposed to be horridly hot. I dunno, maybe I’m bitter because I wore jeans instead of shorts… who knows. Off to make some phone calls and chill off-line for a bit….

I hate writing papers…

It’s Saturday afternoon… well evening now and I’m sitting here trying to write tow papers that are both due next week. It’s almost finals now so that means that every prof has given out their last big assignments, and secretly made them all due on the same day so as to totally stress and confuse all college students. I’ve been busy the last few days with stuff… I’ll say just stuff because I don’t’ really know what I’ve been dealing with lately. I’ve gone on and eating binge and then fasted… Not sure why but I’m either starving all day or not hungry at all. Life has been rough, family, friends, and such. My horoscope said today that I should learn to deal with change and that I should let go of some of my convictions, I wish I knew which. Do you ever pray? Do you ever get answers? Sometimes I don’t’ understand them, the answers I mean. Sometimes I wonder if the answers I’m getting are even answers to the questions I’ve been asking. Interpretation has never been a strong point for me. I think I ruined a friendship yesterday too, I dint’ mean to I was just trying to let my feelings be known and in the process i started and argument that neither of us can ever win. My intent was not to start something; I keep it all inside and then just explode sometimes. Apparently not the best thing to do. Why can’t I just say what I have to say without being reprimanded for it, I saw something, I know I did. Someday… I haven’t given up totally yet.

Wasting another day…

It’s Saturday and I’m sitting here with nothing to do really. I spent all afternoon lounging around and paying bills.Oh well anyways I also played with the layout of the blog… as you can see not much changed… I almost had Blogamp working this morning but I don’t know Java for crap so I have no idea how to fix it. I had to download Winamp 2.91 to get it to work and then I found a component for Winamp 3.0 that would make a Winamp 2 plug-in work in 3. Complicated crap, if you don’t do know what I’m talking about consider yourself lucky. I’m going out tonight… but I really don’t have any clue what I’m going to do. The Bucket Game was today… Purdue won… that’s coo. I guess but I didn’t’figure it would be as close as it was. Seriously so far it’s been a totally worthless day… Off to dinner