End of the weekend…

Soundtrack of my life: Walk On – U2
Well this weekend was both good and bad. First off it started on Friday night with me and Kyle playing pool at the local dive. It was fun and stuff I guess. Then we drove around Kokomo looking for something to do, even went to Menard’s to see Ben and see if he wanted to hang out. Finally we ended up at BW’s to hang out with Matt and the OG people to celebrate his last night of work. He had 15 drinks I think, lost count really. I had one. I got home at 4am… On Saturday I went to MO to fix their computer and finally get it done. Not bad for $275. After that we went out to see Along Came Polly. A good movie actually, not worthy of the bad reviews that everyone gave it. After that we went to Steak n Shake to hang out and figure out SB plans. Looks like Orlando will happen for sure. Now, if I can only get my tax return back so I can pay for it. I got home around 230ish. Today I got up and noon and sat around til 1ish. Took a shower and watched my Colts lose the AFC Championship. Bummer, always next year right? I stupid Philo, and Psych. Boring stuff really. I got my posting up for Oncourse though. Now I just have to write my Law brief and read my Soc. It’s not too bad having 4 classes on the same day… I have two days to do everything. At the end of the semester I’m sure I’ll be burnt out though. This week has to go better than last, not that last week was bad but I just didn’t’ enjoy it really. This week I’m going to stay up on my homework and get some of my finances together so I can get rid of some bills and reconsolidate some debt. Whatever, I have a migraine and I’m going to bed…
PS we’re looking for another girl to go on SB with us, if you’re free in March and have $100. Leave a comment and I’ll get back with ya.

The girls of Sociology

I’m at school… What more is there to say really other than the fact that I’m bored out of my mind. I just got done eating some BK and going over my L201 stuff. Business Law, what fun! :-/ I just wanted to write a few things in here and I’ll get as many as I can before I have to go to class at 7. First of, entitled “the Girls of Soc.” There 35 people in my soc. class, 30 of them are girls. Being that IUK has a 3:1 ratio, this is nothing new. But since this class started and since I don’t’ pay attention that well in class I have made a few observations about the girls in my class. First of, there’s H, she’s a typical college student, 19, somewhat pretty and slightly on the shy side. She seems nice enough but totally reminds me of Emmy, both in looks and in demeanor. There’s not a lot to say about her other than that really. The other girl that I have noticed, K, she’s a bit different. She’s 21 and from the Tipton area I believe. She is nearly married and has a baby. She doesn’t seem like the typical college student in that sense or because of the fact that Tuesday was her first day of college, ever. She also has this thing with noticing the way people act and dress. She seems very naive for her age and just seems like she has lived a sheltered life at least in the past few years. She made a huge fuss about the girl who wore a mid-riff revealing shirt to class, “Why is she wearing that, doesn’t she realize her belly is showing?” The girl wearing the shirt was perfectly suited to wearing the shirt, albeit a little cold out to wear such a garment. K also has a slight tomboyish quality to her, she wears boots, not black heeled boots but work boots all the time. An interesting person for sure. I’m sure there will be more stories to tell about them both as the semester drags on.
The other thing I wanted to write about was last night. I was supposed to be studying but instead, I talked to Emmy from about 11 til 2ish I think. We had a very good conversation. She made her “5 year old voice” and I was putty in her hands. We talked about us and where we’re going and what we’re doing. I’m encouraged but still waiting on a definitive answer. Only time will tell.
This weekend promises to be both exciting and dull at the same time. I am going to work on a computer for a friend on Saturday, then out to the movies with the gang I think, and finally to see some people sing Karoke at around midnight. Then on Sunday is the AFC Championship game. Of course I’ll be watching that. I should probably get to class now cause this post is probably getting longer than I intended it to be.
Can’t wait to see my surprise tonight! 🙂