Yard Rash 3: The electric lemonade stand

Wow, that was my only bit of creativity today. Let me tell you about this weekend though, quite possibly one of the coolest in a long time. Labor is the last day of summer, I mean that’s it, the first days of school and the last days of hot… er something like that… anyways on Friday, Jake and I went over to Purdue to Adam and Josh’s to chill… good times all around. Spit is really loud falling two stories on to a foosball table…
Saturday I went straight to Erin’s to chill; she totally surprised the crap out of me and yet again proved to be the greatest. She got us tickets to symphony on the prairie and made us a picnic of fried chicken and all the trimmings. We sat out all evening under a clear sky and listened to the River City Brass Band play all our favorite tunes. The good was great, the music, was great and Erin is truly spectacular. It’s great to have someone who just surprises you at every turn. Sunday I chilled at home most of the day and then that night I went down to Erin’s and we took Ali back to Anderson, I never realized that Anderson was that close. Too bad we missed a turn and ended up taking the long way home, we got there though.
Monday was Chris’ party. Imagine this: Electric Lemonade, Four-wheelers, and a knee board. Yeah it was probably the coolest thing in the world and then we added a ramp in the yard and it got better. I got yard rash from flipping off the thing and actually I think I have a huge lump still on my leg from one of my “landings”. Some old friends showed up to, unfortunately Erin couldn’t be there cause she had family stuff to take care of. But it was good to see Josh and Auds again for sure. Yesterday was my first day working at PSF. I’m now a CAD designer, designing countertops for PSF. It’s pretty cool really, I mean I get to be kind of creative, my boos is awesome, and I get to do some tech support stuff while I’m there on their equipment so there’s always something to do. Learning CAD is going to be the hard part, but I’ve already picked up a bunch already and I think I’ll do fine. Anyway I’m ending this… it’s long as it is…

It’s been too long again

Jake!It’s been too long since I’ve written anything so this may be pretty long. Last weekend was pretty cool, we did stuff we’ve never done before which was definitely cool. Went to Ben’s on Friday and just chilled. Played a game called SceneIt. If you haven’t played it, go do it right now. It’s awesome. Saturday was better though. Jake and I went to Purdue to hang out with Adam, his friend, and his roommates. It was rocking. Started out as a sausage fest but then a few gals showed up and really it wouldn’t have mattered either way cause I think we had just as much fun as we could have if more people would have been there. Jake is definitely cool, he knows why. We just basically hung out, played cards, made a few late night phone calls, and played PS2 til about 4am. Good times. Sorry to those of you who got calls a bit too late. Proving yet again that it’s a small world, we met a girl from N. Miami who lives about 5 miles from us and is a friend of a friend basically. Mandy came over for a bit too, she didn’t’ stay long but it was cool just to hang out I guess. Sunday, we got up around 4 hours too early; techno in my ear at 930 is not cool. We got some McD’s and then headed home. Sunday night I went to Starbucks and studied for my Law test that I had tonight. Another small world story, James, they guy I hung out with in MS and part of HS is Ben’s cousin… he showed up at Starbucks, I hadn’t seen him since graduation. Monday of course I went to work, and we played ball, then I went over to Matt’s and hung with him. He’s leaving on Thursday, I’m bummed. What do I say? How do you say goodbye to someone for a year when it could be goodbye forever. I’m torn, it’s just an odd feeling knowing that your best friend is going away for a year or more and will be shot at on almost a daily basis. He knows what he’s doing though and he has faith that he’ll be ok so I guess I should be ok with it.
I just got my Law grade 97% that’s definitely cool. I only got an 80% on my brief but that’s ok still have an A in the class. This weekend I hope to go see The Passion of the Christ. It’s getting a lot of good press and bad too unfortunately. I think it’ll probably be something that everyone should see. A lot of people are going to be gone this weekend so it’s kind of a hit or miss thing probably about what I’m doing, I just know that I’m going out and having fun somewhere with someone. I should go do something else now, leave a comment or something….

I’ve neglected this thing too much in the past few days. It’s been like 5 days since I’ve posted anything of relevance. I apologize to those of you who read this. Most of you know why I probably haven’t been posting and I hope you all understand. I am not going into the details of what happened but last weekend wasn’t great for me overall. I’m getting over it majorly now. I have decided that now is the time for greatness, this is a defining moment for me. I’m moving on and starting anew. I should have done this long ago I realize but I just saw the candle burning and didn’t want to put it out.
So other things that have happened this weekend. Friday was kind of cool actually, it seemed like it might turn in to a bust but then once everyone realized that there were 10 of us instead of the usual 5, it was all good. We hung out, watched movies, played X-Box, and just chilled. Not necessarily all together at any one time but still it was good for all of us I think. Plus it was cheap! Then on Saturday we hung out again and did much of nothing. Watched the IU game, just chilled, ate, and then played some b-ball… Biggest group yet. Then we watched Super Troopers, dumb movie, but funny dumb. Sunday I spent most of the day trying to study for my philo test that I had today and think I might have actually done OK on, though we’ll find out next week when I get it back. Went and played ball again, and actually played again last night too. Yesterday we had a meeting at work, basically I need to get it in gear and make some progress on things that I haven’t been working on as hard as I should have been. It’ll be fine though, just needed some more motivation I guess. Today hasn’t been too eventful either really. I went to class, took a test, sat through 2 more classes and now I’m here typing this thing. I have Law still tonight, it’s the last class before our test that I’m totally freaking out over. Should be interesting next week, I know I’ll be ready to cry.
I wish I could say more to you all about what has happened, but those of you who need to know do and those that don’t feel free to ask although don’t expect too many details but I still respect this other person and their feelings. I’m moving on though… and honestly, it feels pretty good.
Saturday looks like we’re going to Purdue. Should be fun, I don’t’ know Adam to well but he’s cool enough. Plus I’m sure we’re going to meet some people down there 🙂 Next weekend hopefully the thing at BSU will turn out too. That one will probably be better that Purdue but only time will tell. I should get going to class now, didn’t’ do the reading as it is, maybe I can cram it all in real fast… later