Hot December

hey it’s been a while i know but that’s ok you all forgive me. anyways work has been hectic and stuff but oh well such is life. i actually kinda alike it. i mean i love the season where it’s all crazy and busy. it’s just nice to see happy people when they find that one thing they’ve been looking for. it’s supposed to snow this weekend, i can’t wait! i mean it’s December and it’s 42 degrees at 950pm! what the heck is that? shouldn’t it be about 24 now? oh well tis on it’s way. well the page has been updated pretty regularly so i hope you’re all checking in from time to time. anyways time to get back to something more productive.

End of the year

Hey all. Today promises to be dull again. what is with me? For like the last week I’ve had the most boring time ever. I don’t’ know why, nothing has changed really. Oh well So I have an exciting weekend coming up I hope. Emmy is coming over for movies probably and who knows what Saturday will bring. Sunday is our 17 month anniversary. cool huh? it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long at all but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I got a 95% on my lab from last week! I’m so exciting, I’m passing almost everything now. in a week or so I should be passing everything. school is winding down now, lots of big projects and papers are due soon, why do they always assign all thee big projects at the end. so poor college students can run like mad for the last 3 weeks of school or what? it’s just dumb they always have all their tests on the same week and their projects are usually due the same week too. it’s a conspiracy I tell you.

Chillin’ and Relaxing

Well the weekend has came and went. where the heck did it go? Friday was a great night for me, Just hanging out with Emmy was great, by far one of the best nights of my life. We didn’t’ do anything all that exciting either just hung out and stuff. Saturday was ok too, I guess. I had to work and we were slammed. Retail is not a good business to be in. Then when I got off I had to help re-landscape my yard. That’s not a good business either. Then I went out with Emmy again, we went to Wal-Mart and played scrabble at her house, how exciting huh? but it was still a lot of fun. I don’t’ know what it is about her but I just love being with her, who cares what we do. Today I worked again, only this time it was just the meeting about the day after turkey day, you know “Black Friday” I have to be there at 6 AM that’s nuts but oh well I’ll live I suppose
I’m getting ready to go out with Matt to BW’s just chillin and relaxing that’s what I need.

I bought socks

A good day for me I think. Went to school, boring. went to see Emmy and hopefully I cheered her up a bit, times have been tough for her, I wish I could just fix it all. went out with Matt to the mall. bought some socks, how exciting am I? tomorrow promises to be fun though, going out with Emmy! we’re cooking dinner and watching flicks. I just love hanging out with her, that “us” time is all that matters to me.

Another day another dollar

Another day another dollar right? Today was a good day for me i think. i got up, went to school, aced a programming test (i hope), then went out with some friends to eat, and finally and exciting evening with emmy. what could be better. today was just one of those days that just go down the middle of the road. nothing great, nothing terrible though. ok ok.. it was pretty mundane for the most part but it still had its ups and a few downs. i wish i could get some more people to visit the page though. true, it doesn’t have a lot but i’m working on it little by little, learning HTML slowly but surely. tomorrow promises to be another mundane day, accounting test and registration for next semester. i can’t wait! 🙂

Almost a year

Hey guys well it’s been almost a year now since I’ve written on here. I’m gonna try to do it again and see how it works. I want anyone who reads this to go to and check out my page. More will be coming out on it soon I promise you that. Well I’m off to go out with Matt and maybe even study a bit too. TTFN