Ben as you’ve never seen him before

Ball with the guys tonight. We beat the pants off of Ben!

Seriously though, we played ball tonight, good times. I’ve been feeling anti-social today for some reason. I just didn’t feel like talkin to anyone in particular, just time with myself. I read a little, worked on some homework and just chilled. A good day overall.
It’s the end of the semster, this week starts the big push until finals, they start on Wednesday for me, marketing, yea….
I’m goin to bed… later all.

Amish Puppies

I relay this story as told in my marketing class while discussing branding. You see brands are everything, they can make or break a product. Being that we live in Northern Indiana there is a sizable Amish and Mennonite population. The Amish are konwn for their fine food in this area and recently that has spread to other areas such as furniture, handicrafts, and of course quilts.
Well a man just north of here, who had a litter of puppies that he no longer wanted discovered that the word “Amish” will help sell just about everything. After having a sign for “Puppies $20” up for several days he gave up and put another sign up reading “Free Puppies.” Several days later, he still had the puppies. The proverbial light when on. “Amish puppies, Free.” All the puppies were gone within a day and a half.

A VP in 20 minutes

Well the first test of the year is in the bag…. I’m done in 20 minutes as usual, 58 questions multiple choice. Piece of cake… I think.
I’m thinking of running for Student Body VP this spring, John and Kyle have me pretty much talked into it now. T-shirts and bracelets are the order of the campaign. Who knows I could be Mr. VP again… remember 9th grade? People like to vote for me and I have no idea why.
Off to study for Test #2 of the day, PolySci.

The handband guy

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Every year (sometimes every semster) I talk about some person or group of people in one of my classes that intrigues me… or totally disgusts me. Today’s story is about Billy* the headband guy.
Billy is in my Intro to Marketing class, he’s an MBA candidate and from what I can tell he’s in his mid 20’s. That’s where all the normalcy stops for him though.
You see, Billy wears a headband and two arm bands all the time, not like a bracelet, but those terry cloth sweatband thingys. Yeah, they usually match his clothing to some degree, but sometimes they also totally clash with it, probably on purpose to be cool.
That’s just it though, he’s so far beyond not cool that it’s not funny.
He’s at least 15-20 minutes late to every class, I’ve heard from others that it’s not just isolated to my class. When he comes in, he doesn’t sit at the first available seat or even in the back in an empty row. He clumsily tramples his way into the middle seat of a middle-ish row. So not only is there an interuption from him opening the door and everyone taking their eyes off the prof, but then the sounds of him tripping over people’s things, and his bag hitting the floor totally distract everyone in the room for a minute or so. The professor continues on after the commontion has stopped usually.
One day during a discussion, we were all chiming in with ideas on some particular markting concept related to branding. Billy chimes in at the end (when the topic was clearly closed and we had moved on) about something totally unrelated, the room was dead silent. No one could believe that the guy who had just walked in 20 minutes late, disturbing everyone, had just made the most off topic comment ever. Even the professor didn’t know what to say, he just moved on like nothing had happened.
So here’s the point to all of this, if you’re an “Billy,”and quite possibly you’re an MBA candidate, don’t come into my class 20 minutes late, sit in a middle chair, and make off-topic comments, and hopefully you’re not wearing color-coordinated sweatbands. I can’t stand that.

*Name changed to protect the woefully inept.

UPDATE: He dropped the class today…

Day 2 and I hate reading!

OK say Day 2 of IUK is done.
I went to work this morning after totally struggling to get out of bed for some reason. Work was work, so much so that I left early.
Got to school way early, went to eat at Sonic. Got back, talked to “the girls” for a while. Got all that caught up. I’m up to date on SoB gossip now I guess.
Finally went to class. Boring, who the freak takes 70 minutes to go over the syllabus?! I’ve had this prof before though, so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.
After class I headed home and sat for a bit just to relax.
Now I’m sitting here trying to study for tomorrow. I’ve got about 150 pages to read. I realize that there’s no way that we’re going to cover all of that tomorrow in 2 classes, but I don’t know either of these profs very well yet and since I got grilled in one class already and the other class only has 11 in it, I’m sure that I need to be at least some what prepared. I’ve got about 50 pages of Poli and prolly 30 pages of Mktg left. Oh joy. Better get back to it, TV makes it really hard to pay attention to the book too.