Podcasting, I didn’t forget about you!

I haven’t talked about podcasting here for a while. I posted a preview show quite a ways back and haven’t done anything new since. I make a much better spectator than creator in the podcasting realm. A friend is working on starting his show and I was trying to explain somethings to him about how a show should/could work and really the only way to understand how to be successful (at least in the eyes of others) is to look at what others are doing on their shows and then adapting it to yourself.

Here, I’m going to share some of the shows I listen to and give you my take on them. If you’re unsure about what podcasting is, go to WikiPedia and check it out or download iTunes or check out Podshow.com.

Podcasting isn’t just rehashed big media production, some of the greatest talent can come from a small studio consisting of a laptop and microphone in the middle of nowhere. Think of it as media that you subscribe to much like a magazine, it just shows up when a new episode/issue is created and you can consume it at your leisure not the networks. There are much more complicated ways to explain it, if you find a show that you like though, get iTunes, click podcasting and subscribe to a show, no iPod required.

Here’s a part of my playlist:

  • Daily Source Code Adam Curry is the PodFather. He basically started the whole thing and is the reason why many of my favorite shows are my favorites. He rants about life in general, talks about news of the world, and keeps us all up to date on the world of podcasting.
  • Dawn and Drew If Adam is the PodFather, Dawn and Drew are the bratty kids in the backseat of the PodShow station wagon. A married couple from Wisconsin constantly surprising me with the content of their shows. One of my all time favorites. A bit crude from time to time.
  • TWiT Network Remember Leo Laporte? TechTV? The Screensavers? Maybe you don’t, either way this is a great place for techie stuff. The Daily Giz Wiz is a ~10 minute daily show about some gadget, lots of witty banter and some cool jingles now and then. TWiT, This Week in Tech is the place to find out about the weeks tech news. Security Now is a great show about security. It’s a little techie, even for me, but I really enjoy learning tons of new things by listening to this show. If you want to know about tech, go here.
  • Ask A Ninja & Hope is Emo OK, so if you want to learn nothing at all. Check out these two shows. I find them absolutely hilarious. The ninja keeps me entertained with subtle humor and interesting tidbits about ninja culture. Hope, I feel sorry for Hope. She’s a poor little Emo girl just trying to get her message out to the masses. Check these out, both are video and well worth the download.
  • Buzz Out Loud I have a confession to make. I listen to a big media podcast. CNET produces BOL and I actually do enjoy it. Its a rehash of the tech news of the day and really just provides some good driving fodder for the long drives home each night. I’ve been thinking of dropping this one though, I read most of the stories before I hear the show and I basically just listen to it for the banter of the hosts.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Chicken A cooking show made by people who don’t know how to cook. This show rocks. Alex and Heather cook a new recipe each episode. Baked Alaska, Manicotti, and others. Some have worked, most haven’t but if you want to watch someone else whose worse in the kitchen than you, this is your show. Video obviously.
  • Doing Indy I’m in the Indy area almost everyday. This is one of my new favorites. A video show about stuff going on in Indy. Not just festivals and junk, but actual places you can go and do stuff. Indy isn’t boring, we just don’t know where to look. The shows are short, usually under 20 minutes, but full of cool stuff and the host is pretty good too.
  • Jimmy Jett Jimmy hosts The Podcast about Nothing. Seinfeld reference anyone? Yeah it’s a show, no it’s not about anything in particular. Jimmy is joined by Bob his ever present and yet not there engineer for some jokes, cool places to visit, and just rambling from time to time. An old favorite of mine.

OK I’m done. Did you make it through all that? If not here’s the brief: Daily Source Code = Podcasting News, Dawn and Drew = Crazy Couple, TWiT = All things tech, AaN & HiE = great video ‘casts, BOL = Tech News, CAC = cooking for the non-cook, Doing Indy = What to do in Indy, Jimmy Jett = Mostly about Nothing.

So yeah I spend quite a bit of time listening to podcasts. This was about half my list. Some shows are daily, some are weekly, some are lucky that they post at all. I hope you’ve all learned something. When my friend’s show launches I’ll let you all know here.

Wrong Priorities


So I was just checking out MSNBC today and saw that Ken Lay has passed on. He had a heart attack at 64. This is sad. What is worse though is the fact that North Korea has sent 6-7 missles into the sky of late that may or may not have the potential to hit the mainland US.

Lay is a convicted felon, he was due to be sentenced very shortly. He was basically spending his last days with his family and just died. All of this is fine. I feel sorry for the Lay family, they have likely lost their patriarch. But I think that the North Korea issue is far more important to this country as a whole than a convicted felon who once headed one of the largest companies in the world. Many people lost everything because of Lay and his cohorts, but North Korea is threatening us and our allies now. We are basically in a standoff with them and I think that it is just a bigger and better news story. Larry King should be interesting tonight… Thank God they are taking Rita Cosby off the air for a bit.