The following are my thoughts on patriotism since 9/11, read with care:

I think that this whole patriotism thing since 9/11 is great but if I would have said that I was “proud to be an American” before 9/11 I would have been laughed at. Now if you say anything bad about American you’ll almost hung on the spot.

I think that we as Americans should have some pride about our country but we should realize that some countries/people would like to employ their evil ways toward us.

They feel that we have wronged them in some way. Look at the rest of history; this has happened many times before. Just not to us.

I don’t agree with the terrorists; don’t get me wrong but I feel that we as Americans should have seen this coming. We have been involved in every conflict throughout the world since WW II. Now I think that in certain instances it was justified but others it was not. Korea and Vietnam are good examples but I think that the Gulf War is a good one too.
Saddam Hussein is a horrible man who has done some horrible things but think about it. What did he do so wrong when he tried to take over Kuwait? He was running short on cash and saw that Kuwait had an excess of it. So what do you do? You go get what you want! Now the US said that this was bad since Saddam is a dictator and he could then control the oil markets. But isn’t that what capitalism is all about, setting your own prices, or at least as much as the market will bear? So what did we do? We got involved in a war that we really didn’t win. Saddam is still alive and kicking in Iraq but we did manage to keep our oil interests safe.

Since the beginning of time man has taken over weaker men for his own good. Countries were conquered and men died, it just hasn’t happened here before. I’m not saying that Osama Bin Laden should come here to take over the country but should we stop him if he does it to another country? No I don’t’ think so.