Fuzznik Info

The Podcast is for all intents and purposes dead. I haven’t posted in months and honestly have no intention of starting again in the immediate future. That is not to say that Fuzznik won’t be back, i am just taking time to complete school, go to work,and enjoy the time I spend listening. Please look at the podcasts below and add them to your subscription lists, they are truly the gems of the podcasting world, I’m sure you’d enjoy listening to all of them. Thanks for your continued support, I look forward to all of you reading my blog and commenting as you wish. Thanks again

Here’s where you can find all the info on my podcast. I’ve also got links for info about podcasting in general and other podcasts you might what to check out. Leave a comment below if you’d like.

Fuzznik :: Live from the Sunfire Studio

My Equipment

  • Apple iPod You don’t have to have one of these, or any MP3 player to listen. But I love my 20GB model. Tons of room and just a great design.
  • Griffin iTalk I use this along with a cheap Plantronics or Audio Technica mic to record nearly all my shows. The quality isn’t studio, but it works for me.
  • iRiveriFP-795Small and convenient, this is the perfect way for me to do “sound-seeing tours” and just be mobile and general. The size and price make this the perfect podcasting complement.
  • Audacity Simple. Free. What more could you want. I use this to mix my show in post (heh. industry terms) and convert it to MP3.
  • Voice Overs Scott Fletcher was nice enough to hook me up via RadioDaddy with some great voice overs.

‘Casts I listen to

This is probably outdated..

‘Casts I used to listen to

  • Nikki and David – They seem to have gone MIA since early June 2005.
  • She Said – He Said – Gone. Not sure what happened here.
  • Countdown to Chaos – It just wasn’t my style anymore, the quality wasn’t what I wanted really.
  • Rev Tim – Again, I grew tired of this one, nothing exciting to me anymore.