Won’t you be my neighbor?

I was running late today. Later than usual. But now I’m early, figure that one out. I was watching TV though before I left for school, PBS was the first channel I came to for some reason. Mr. Rogers was on. Man, I miss Fred Rogers, it’s such a travesty that he’s not with us anymore. He died in early 2003 for those of you that don’t know. I have no idea why I was watching this show honestly, but immediately I was taken back to a different time, a time when I was totally young and carefree.
This episode was the one where he has a ventriloquist dummy named Fisher. Fisher wasn’t anything in particular and Mr. Rogers’ skills weren’t that great either. Nonetheless I was totally fancinated by the dummy, I always have been mystified by ventriloquism and probably always will be. Shortly after he changed his shoes and sang a song, Mr. McFeely (Speedy Delivery) stopped by to show us his new tricycle bike. Coolness to the max! 🙂 In the basket on the bike, Mr. McFeely had a walker (the kind old people use), Mr. Rogers was immediately eager to try it out, he took it for a spin on the front sidewalk after a brief demonstration from Mr. McFeely. I sensed some anger from McFeely after a short while though, because Mr. Rogers wasn’t giving the walker back anytime son. He said, “That’s about it, that’s how it works” and Mr. Rogers continued around the sidewalk. Finally the walker was back in the bike and McFeely was on his way.
I had to leave for class just then so I missed whatever else went on, perhaps someone watched it and can finish it for me.
My point is, I love Mr. Rogers! It’s so simple, it’s so corny, but at the same time it brings back the inncoence lost over the years. If you have a chance, no matter hold old or mature you think you are, watch this show and you’ll instantly feel like a kid again.

Author: Michael

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