Near Death on the Escaltor

I hung out with Ben on Friday night since Erin and Franki were at the Lia Sephia party. We went to the Keystone Mall to look for some new clothes, the new iPod, and some Aveda makeup (for Franki). While we were walking around and talking about nothing in particular, Ben bought some clothes and then we headed to Apple store to see the new iPod. Unfortunately, as soon as we entered the store, which was oddly empty for 8PM on a Friday night, we were inundated by 4 Apple employees who were incredibly overeager to help us. The didnt’ let us get 10 feet into the store before they attacked, no new iPods until the 25th, but they were all too happy to sell one to us. I’m sorry I would not spend $300 on something that I’ve never seen or held.
The real story of our night was the escalator. When we were on the way, down I was apparently wasn’t paying attention and apparently my shoelace was untied and it got caught in the tread of the escalator. I immediately felt the tightening of my shoe as the laces were pulled under the seemingly fast moving stairs. I jerked away, nothing happened. My short, pathetic existence flashed before me in an instant, it was pretty short really. Finally as we reached the bottom, I thought I was sure to lose my left foot and be known as “Stumpy” for the rest of my life. At the last possible instant the aglet (AKA the plastic thingy on the end of your shoelace) broke and I was free. I’m glad that the ordeal is over now and everyone involved (me) is OK.
It’s good to be alive, isn’t it?

Author: Michael

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