Do you own your content?

A conversation the other day with a few of my other blogging cohorts lead me to think about what I post here.
First of all, I’ve been posting for a long time, years. I’ve been posting since at least December of 2000. That’s nearly five years. Over that time I’ve switched from blogging providers and in the mix ups I’ve lost several months of those posts. I actually switched back and forth so many times in those early days that I often forgot where I was posting and hence forgot all about the posts that I did make. You will notice that now under the archives there are now posts from April and May 2002. These are posts that were found by a fluke on LiveJournal the other day.
Anyway, we were talking about deleting posts and basically taking back what you’ve said. I don’t think I defended my point well enough, at least not to my liking.
My thinking is that when you post something on here, it’s permanent. You have said something to the world, you cannot give yourself the opportunity to take it back. You can’t do that in the real world, why should it be allowed in the blogosphere? I’m not saying that you should eliminate the delete button however; I’m saying that the delete button should only be used in the most dire circumstances (i.e. legal issues, corrections of fact, etc.) But once you’ve posted something it should become part of your permanent record. Those posts from 2002 for example: right now those represent the earliest footprints I have left on the web, they are the raw feelings that I had at that moment, sadly the spelling and grammar are atrocious, but I cannot bring myself to correct them. They are out there for all to see and enjoy or critique. Part of having a blog is having the understanding that the whole world gets to see whatever you show it.
Of course there are many people who blog anonymously, I’m perfectly fine with that, you have a write to be whoever you want to be on the Internet and a blog is a perfect place to be totally anonymous.
The jist is this: Once you have posted, leave it alone, its permanent. You don’t have take backs in the real world; don’t allow yourself to have them on the net. This is your life, own it.

Author: Michael

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