I don’t have the power!

After begging for a while, we finally got digital cable. Basically now we have 300 channels instead of 60. Hey works for me, maybe I can finally find something to watch while I’m up all night.
The guy came to install about 3 hours early actually! He arrived immmediately went to work on plugging in the boxes and junk. After the first box wouldn’t work he went to his truck got some tools and found that our lines didn’t have the power to push digital cable through our house.
I was a bit crushed honestly, so close, yet so far away. He went to the pole outsite and actually put new cable into our house, that didn’t help much either, finally the guy rewired 90% of our house. And now finally we have 300 channels to watch.
Of course this means that my grandpa will be up all hours of the night watching god-knows-what. Then they will fight cause he will sleep all day. Then the cable is gone. I really need to move soon probably.

Author: Michael

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